Advanced Water Treatment Technologies Services (AWTS) Inc.

Advanced Water Treatment Technologies Services (AWTS) Inc.

AWTS has been serving Industrial and Municipal customers, with large scale water treatment plants, both high purity and waste water treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge facilities and hydraulic frackiing processes. We specialize in all types of technologies including pretreatment clairification, filtration, RO, UF, MF membrane processes, degasification systems, chemical precipitation processes and auxilliary equipment. We own two patents including high efficiency softening process that is used for treating flowback water and produced water from oil and gas drilling operations. We perform troubleshooting any Membrane based desalination systems, provide training, develop engineering specifications for a complete water treatment plant and help purchase new systems. We are established in Texas, and travel all over the World including North America, South America, Middle East and Far East countries.

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1817 Triple Crown Lane , Plano , Texas 75093 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


Advanced Water Treatment Technologies Services are sought by companies like yours who want to prevent a system failure, improve efficiency, capacity and/or remedy deteriorating water quality. Yet, at the same time, save money by reducing O&M costs, saving the existing equipment and original investment.

AWTS Consulting Services
Hands-on evaluation of your system’s performance and thorough retrofit - rehabilitation feasibility cost study are all part of AWTS 100% satisfaction reputation.
Project Implementation after AWTS studies and recommendations are put into your hands, is best achived with AWTS project management services.

Component and Systems Design
AWTS has custom engineering capability for components that need to be integrated with an existing system or to replace your existing system.

Retrofit & Equipment Rehabilitation
With the proven rehabilitation & retrofit technologies and products that AWTS has developed, increased throughput capacities of up to 300% are not uncommon.

Training Plant Managers and Operators.
Follow-through after rehabilitation or new installations is assured with AWTS training programs as well as informal instruction available as the project proceeds. AWTS can help you avoid the mistakes that cause systems to fail in the first place

AWTS projects, design & technology portfolios:
Technologies are improving all of the time. AWTS works with pressure and gravity media filtration systems, Ion-exchange softeners and demineralizers, forced draft degasifiers, RO, EDI, ZLD, and auxiliary equipment.

AWTS Proprietary Products
Browse this web site for much more information on the types of projects and expertise that AWTS brings to getting legacy systems online with much of the improved performance of a new system. AWTS innovations have resulted in special products, such as their Resin Traps and Distributor Products.