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Adventure AD

Adventure AD is a company for innovative technologies in the field of fuel efficiency and clean energy. The core business of Adventure is the manufacture of novel catalysts for reforming of fossil fuel and alcohols to hydrogen (H2), catalysts for emission control and systems for generation of hydrogen (H2) on demand and on board for fueling ICE and FC. The systems are designed for reforming diesel, gasoline, methanol and natural gas to H2. The Company offers a compact and very efficient CDPF-DeNOx system for purification of NOx and PM emissions. Adventure has developed a highly selective catalyst for purification of hydrogen fuel from CO impurities. All products of Adventure are patented. In 2012 the Company obtained ISO 9001 certificate.

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5 Philip Kutev Str. , Sofia , 1407 Bulgaria
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Hydro Power
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Adventure AD a newly emerging company is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company manufactures an innovative formulation of environmental catalysts, combination of precious and transition metal oxides, the result of more than 18 years of research and experimental work.

Adventure AD owns two patented models of systems for generating of H2 fuel (H2GS) from diesel, gasoline, methanol, ethanol and natural gas.

Adventure AD production facilities are well equipped for the manufacture of catalytic coated ceramic and metal monoliths, with modern chemical laboratory for production quality control and highly qualified engineering personal.

With global warming and traditional fossil fuels having such a major negative effect on our planet and environment, the world attention today is focused on finding alternative fuels and power generation systems. Many experts agree that hydrogen could be the answer to most of the global energy requirements, including the ever increasn transportation sector.