Risk Management Consultancy, Training, Software, & Recruitment. Offering comprehensive solutions to diverse problems in various industries Worldwide, from proactive to reactive; including incident investigations & analysis, audits, supplying HSE personnel, delivering customised training courses, developing procedures & processes, improving safety culture, controlling business processes, and preventing incidents.

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Koperslagersweg 23 , Den Helder , 1786 RA Netherlands
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Consulting firm
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Health and Safety
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Globally (various continents)
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Our Why, How and What
To make organisations as safe and healthy as possible: that has been our goal for more than 30 years, with good reason. It contributes to the optimisation of the productivity, quality and continuity of your business. In order to achieve this we demand a lot from you and from ourselves. How good is the balance between people, technology and organisation within your organisation? This combination creates your corporate culture; the DNA that determines behaviour and safety awareness within your organisation. It is the basis for a safe and healthy working environment, the basis for our comprehensive services and the basis for our partnership with you. 

Effective Risk Management
Together with our customers, we strive to ensure that every employee acquires safety awareness to execute risk management effectively. We take this responsibility very seriously. In the current job market, one worker in fifteen is physically injured or mentally affected due to an accident at work[1]. What is the ratio at your organisation? We ask critical questions and perform appropriate research, giving you the answers to your questions and issues in the field of HSEQ, Safety Culture, Incident Management, Crisis Management and Competence Management. We also offer support in finding the right HSE professionals and / or operational staff to work on a project basis.

[1] Bron: CBS 2014

Safety According to AdviSafe
Our professionals are committed on a daily basis to further developing and optimising Risk Management within your organisation. We consider it our mission to make health and safety automatic. This can only be accomplished with tailor-made advice and by listening carefully to your needs and requirements. Then we deliver on our promise, we begin quickly and keep the lines of communication short. To your advantage!

AdviSafe Risk Management is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

AdviSafe Risk Management is CRKBO certified.

Health and Safety: Self-evident

We consider it our mission to make working in a safe and healthy working environment self-evident, to make it part of a organisation’s DNA. This enables our customers to reduce risks and prevent accidents.

By being a reliable and innovative partner in Risk Management for our clients, we enable growth and working more safely. We pay extensive attention to problem analysis and in providing suitable solutions in all areas of Risk Management. We create awareness and provide practical advice. All to the benefit of our customers who can thus further optimise their productivity, quality and continuity.

Passion for Safety

Creating safety is in our DNA. It is our passion. We like to share this passion with our customers. That way, we strive together for a safe and healthy work environment. We help our customers a step up the ladder in safety, so that working in a safe and healthy way becomes self-evident, within their organisation too. It is for good reason that we want to be the leading partner within the industries in which we operate.