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ADWEST Technologies has designs and installs RETOX Dual Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) for Flameless NOx-Free VOC abatement air pollution solutions. Adwest has provided over 1200 Flameless RETOX RTO Thermal Oxidizer and VOC Concentrator systems worldwide since 1988 for volatile organic compound (VOC), hydrocarbon, solvent fume, halogenated and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emission control. RETOX RTOs have integral primary energy recovery of 95 to 97% efficiencies for ultra low energy usage. Major served RETOX RTO markets include chemical processing, flexo printing & flexible packaging, web converting, printing, paint finishing, surface coating, composites, bakery ovens, food processing, oil & gas processing, microelectronics, EPS styrene molding, biogas and chemical recycling. Adwest can also provide secondary energy recovery and custom UL Approved control panels. Contact Adwest Technologies, your specialized RTO Oxidizer VOC Abatement solution supplier.

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1175 North Van Horne Way , Anaheim , CA 92806-2506 USA

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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US


Adwest Technologies'Flameless Operation RETOX RTO Regenerative Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizer systems have provided  industry with affordable, cost effective air pollution solutions for control of VOCs since 1988. Adwest's RETOX RTO oxidizers have been installed successfully on over 800 applications including paint spray, finishing, chemical processing, printing, web converting, coil coating, composites, plastics, surface coating and microelectronics processes from 500 scfm to over 240,000 scfm flowrates.

Adwest also pioneered the successful application of RETOX RTOs for corrosive halogenated chemical processes since 1989 using various stainless and titanium alloy metallurgies for chemical, wastewater treatment and soil remediation applications. Other leadership firsts include the utilization of flameless RTO combustion (provides virtually zero NOX byproducts), and development of simple low-cost RTO poppet valves with soft step seating to provide zero leakage RTO flow control. This allows the RETOX RTOs to achieve 99 percent and greater VOC DRE without the need for third chambers or puff capture modules. A major Adwest RTO advantage is its low ceramic heat transfer media pressure drop, saving up to 40 percent on RTO fan electric and natural gas usage. The virtual total shop assembly and compact, low profile modular design provides rapid installation schedules for clients. RETOX RTOs only require one fan to operate, not two or three fans that others require for operation, reducing maintenance time and costs. 

Adwest's RETOX RTO Oxidizers provide industry with a specialized, focused RTO supplier that brings a proven, reliable, mature design with extremely low operating and energy costs, all at an affordable price for cost effective VOC compliance.


Adwest Technologies Products and Services include:

  • RETOX RTO Thermal and RCO Catalytic Oxidizers
  • RETOX RTO Turnkey Installation Packages
  • Custom Designed Exhaust Stacks
  • Pneumatic Poppet Valve Damper/Diverter Tee Modules
  • RETOX RTO/RCO Preventative Service and Maintenance Contracts
  • TEL-MAX RTO Oxidizer telemetry service diagnostic packages
  • Specialized Halogenated RTO Designs/Acid Gas Scrubbers/Prefilters 
  • Process Gas Fans, Fan Motors and AC Variable Speed Drives
  • Secondary Heat Recovery (Hot Oil or Air) for Process/ Plant Heating
  • Custom Designed and UL/CUL Certified Control and Drive panels for Classified and hazardous Duty locations
  • Rotary Concentrator Systems

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Since being founded in 1988, Adwest has provided over 800 RETOX RTO Oxidizer systems for volatile organic compound (VOC), hydrocarbon, solvent fume, halogenated and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) control and abatement.  RETOX dual chamber RTO Oxidizers provide our clients with one of the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to VOC compliance available today, with an affordable, quality design built in our own Anaheim, CA technical center and shops by our RTO specialists.  We invite you to visit our headquarters and technical center in southern California to see our cost effective design and to meet our technical team of RTO specialists that can assist you to achieving affordable cost effective VOC Abatement and compliance with low energy and maintenance costs.

We invite you to tour our RETOX RTO Oxidizer website to learn more about our technical, fabrication, turnkey installation and service capabilities. Also our many of our extensive RTO installations are summarized in case histories for various market applications on this site. Please feel free to register for our Adwest Advantage RTO newsletter or feel free to contact us anytime at our Anaheim, California Headquarters Technical center at # 714/632-9801. Our greatest asset is the specialized experience of our RETOX RTO Technical, Design, Fabrication, Service and Sales team, most of which are long time employees who are dedicated and extremely knowledgible about our RETOX RTO Dual Chamber thermal oxidizer systems. We look forward to providing you with a custom RETOX RTO Thermal Oxidizer System proposal for your next VOC Control project so that you can see our advantages firsthand!

Adwest Technologies' RETOX Dual Chamber RTO Oxidizer systems have been successfully utilized on hundreds of industrial VOC air pollution control applications since 1988 including the following proceses listed below.  Because no two applications are ever alike, we look forward to preparing a custom RETOX Dual Chamber RTO Oxidizer proposal for your specific application.

Adwest has extensive RTO design and installation experience with Halogenated VOCs, hydrocarbons, solvents and HAPs as well as particulate laden processes which generally require prefiltration prior to the RTO system.  We have extensive RETOX RTO Oxidizer fabrication experience with stainless steel, high nickel content alloys and even titanium metallurgy for halogenated and chlorinated compounds.  Please contact our technical team today for a thorough discussion of your specific process and RTO application.




  • Paint Booths, Spray Coating, Roll Coating
  • Wood Cabinet & Furniture Finishing
  • Metal & Plastic Coating & Paint Bake Ovens
  • Paint, Varnish, Aerosol & Pigment Production
  • Metal Litho, Can & Container Coating
  • Coil Coating, Extruding & Metal Foils



  • Flexographic & Gravure Printing/Packaging
  • Film, Adhesive, Tape, Paper & Vinyl Coating
  • Flexible Packaging, Labels & Laminating
  • Web Floatation Dryers & Inkjet Printers
  • Fabric Coating, Textiles & Tenter Frames


  • Food Processing & Meat Smokehouses
  • Distilling, Wine & Alcohol Fermentation
  • Flavoring & Fragrances
  • Waste Food & Beverage Recycling
  • Bakery Ovens & Coffee Roasting


  • Fiberglass Curing, Resins & Gelcoat
  • EPS Foam, Styrene and Plastics
  • Composites and Structure Molding
  • Urethane Coating & Formaldahyde


  • Halogenated Chemical VOCs
  • Batch Organic Chemical Processing
  • Amine Dehydration & Oil Processing Offgas
  • Ethyle Oxide (EO)Sterilizers
  • Plasticizers & Phenolic Resins
  • CO, Methane & Wastewater Treatment (WWTP)
  • Pharmaceuticals, Biopharma & Spray Dryers


  • Tire Tread Cementing & Production
  • Rubber Curing  & Gasket Manufacturing
  • Asphalt Roofing & Saturating