Aeffe s.r.l.

Aeffe s.r.l.

Aeffe s.r.l.

Aeffe s.r.l. stems from a strong business spirit and passion for underwater robotic technology. Its beating heart is its team, which boasts technicians highly skilled in a wide range of fields: from electronics to mechanical design, from computer science to underwater technology. Having reached technical and commercial success with the KeelCrab underwater drones (European patent), today the company finds its core competency in underwater mechatronics. We promote a worldwide network of professional services that use our technology and help us spreading a new paradigm in nautical and underwater maintenance.

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Via Ferloni, 28 , Bulgarograsso , 22070 Italy
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Water Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Highly specialized in cutting-edge design and construction techniques, our strength lies in constant technologic and eco-friendly research and development, understanding of markets, products tailored to the needs of our customers, customer feedback in the product improvement process, and speed.

Over time we have implemented and promoted solutions capable of reducing costs of time and resources not only for boat maintenance, but also for in-ground pools and aquariums.

Today the Aeffe s.r.l. philosophy is to open up to the development and consolidation of a network made of professionists in the marine and underwater sector who, through their activity based on the KeelCrab technology. The aim is not only to expands a market but also to instill a new awareness among consumers: the importance of a continuous and constant maintenance of their boat through GREEN solutions capable of bringing multiple benefits.

Our mission is providing eco-friendly, efficient and cost effective solutions, in order to solve the cleaning and fouling problems for hull boat, pool and aquarium tank.