AEI Decon - an Apple Environmental Company

AEI Decon - an Apple Environmental Company

Everyone deserves the right to live and breathe in an environment that is safe from harmful contaminants caused from Methamphetamine or Mold. For that reason, AEI Decon offers solutions to properly decontaminate methamphetamine residues and remediate mold. There are literally tens of thousands of homes, hotels, automobiles and apartments that have been contaminated by manufacturing or simply smoking meth. Yes, just smoking meth in a property can contaminate it above the state standard. Properties that are contaminated with methamphetamine residue must be decontaminated to create a safe living environment. The staff at AEI Decon is very knowledgeable with over 11 years of experience in testing, training and remediation of properties in Utah and around the world. Our proprietary products and decontamination systems provide a cost effective and timely meth clean up solution.

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2401 S 2700 W , Salt Lake City , 84119 Utah USA
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Apple Environmental was created on piece paper in a kitchen. Three individuals had a unique idea about remediating properties. Two of the individuals came from a background of managing foreclosed properties and the other with a background of growing businesses in the remediation field with expertise in franchising. All three of the founders had seen that there was a huge need to create a company that remediates meth and mold properly while educating the public. What this means is that have created great systems, create great products, follow state standards, local laws and not skipping steps in order to make more money.  This idea was created in order to teach these systems to companies worldwide and provide them with great products to remediate meth or mold.

Apple Environmental has taken this idea throughout the United States, Canada and soon in Australia.  We currently teach meth courses to the Real Estate/Property Management industries while training other remediation companies how to remediate properly.

It is our goal to have strict standards for remediation throughout the world. We are currently working with other professionals worldwide to spread this idea.

Apple Environmental currently remediates properties in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming and sells Meth Remover Product in the United States, Canada and soon in Australia.


Apple Environmental provides homeowners, REO brokers, and property Mold Post Testing 3 300x225 Why Apple Environmental owners with fast, affordable decontamination and remediation services for mold and methamphetamine contamination.

We use safe and effective SafeHouse First products to instantly kill mold growth and spores on contact. When directly applied by one of our trained and certified technicians, not only will the product kill the mold, but the barrier left behind will continue to fight against and prevent any new mold growth.

You don’t want to potentially create more health problems by exposing your family or employees to toxic mold- killing chemicals.  Products from Apple Environmental are completely bio-degradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and safe for  people, plants and pets. We are the “Green” solution you’ve been looking for!

Benefits of using Apple Environmental for your Meth and Mold cleanup services include:

  • Neutralization of methamphetamine and mold contaminates
  • Reduction in time required to complete decontamination, resulting in quicker marketability
  • Improve indoor air quality and a safe living environment
  • Kills bacteria causing foul odors, including tobacco smoke and pet odors
  • Professional environmental company that is licensed and insured
  • Decontamination Guaranteed!
  • State certified decontamination specialist on all job sites.

Apple Environmental is not your run-of-the-mill disaster cleanup company. We are certified by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEP) to promote the well-being of Utah’s citizens. As certified decontamination specialists, the owners of Apple Environmental are licensed by the DEP to perform the necessary decontamination procedures required in meth lab and meth user site decontamination and cleanup.The certification is imposed in order to protect the health and safety of both our customers and our own employees, ensuring that safety is put above everything else when we are taking care of a decontamination project.
Only a select group of individuals are qualified enough to receive this certification, but the owners of Apple Environmental passed the test. We are capable of handling meth, mold, and other indoor air quality issues.

As certified decontamination specialists, Apple Environmental requires that:

  • All of our employees go through OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER training
  • Each employee goes through a refresher training course to renew certification annually
  • We work with the local law enforcement and health departments to ensure public safety.
  • All of our employees practice the safest and most effective procedures when providing decontamination services

Dealing with the remnants of a meth lab or of some other type of meth contaminated material is dangerous work that must be completed thoroughly. That is why the DEP doesn’t just let anybody become a certified decontamination specialist. The application process is rigorous, and the individuals allowed to be on the list of approved specialists are small in number.

We want to make your home, business, or other property in question a safe place again. We are dedicated to removing meth contaminants and hazardous materials so more of Utah will be safe for habitation.

The Department of Environmental Quality works to make the living environments in Utah safe for its citizens. Apple Environmental along with Utah’s Department of Environmental Quality work to get difficult situations that require decontamination under control.

When areas are affected by methamphetamine decontamination specialists, certified by the DEQ are put on the job to make the area habitable again.
Along with the Department of Environment Quality in Utah, Apple Environmental tries to help raise awareness about what to do if you encounter harmful chemicals.

Everyone should get the chance to live in a safe environment, and education and awareness is one of the best ways to help facilitate that.

Decontamination of Utah Meth Labs

In Utah, there are more meth labs than you might expect. In fact, they could be hiding in the apartment downstairs or the house across the street in seemingly safe neighborhoods. The problem is: meth labs pose a danger to everyone, not just the makers, the drug dealers, and the users. The chemicals produced in meth labs can affect everyone around it, severely in some cases.

Because Utah has an abnormally high problem with contaminated properties certified decontamination specialists are hard at work to try to curve this epidemic.
One of the sign that there might be a meth lab in your neighborhood is the smell. Though not any one odor can really be associated with meth labs, strange chemical smells can be indicative of the drug-making process. You should report any strong chemical smells to the authorities.

Rest assured that Apple Environmental and the Department of Environmental Quality will work to eradicate the problems created by meth labs.