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Recognizing a need for well designed, efficient air pollution control systems that can be custom designed around a customers specific application requirements, A.E.R. Borne Environmental Systems manufactures a variety of modular collection systems for control of mist, dust, fume, smoke and gas/vapor contaminants in individual or complex, mixed forms. In addition to product, we offer the extensive product application engineering knowledge gained over the years of experience in this field. Unlike most competitors, we provide factory application engineering, system selection and design assistance, full factory service/rebuilding/redesign, and can provide complete system turnkey installations.

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117 Spencer Plains Road , Old Saybrook , Connecticut 06475 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Filtration
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Nationally (across the country)

Today most manufacturers of similar products only provide the product and you are on your own for everything else. Misapplications, process changes and improper maintenance result in collection systems that do not function well or require too much service to keep running. Most companies just sell new equipment and their solution is to simply install one of their new systems on the application and throw out the old. In some cases this cycle occurs every few years, new units are installed and eventually degrade until a new replacement unit is purchased.

At A.E.R. Borne Environmental Systems we take a different approach as we can provide service as well as new equipment. We can assess your current systems, rebuild and modify units, redesign systems and relocate misapplied units to more suitable applications. If new systems are required, we can supply new standard or customized collection systems that can meet the application needs. A.E.R. Borne Environmental Systems new collectors feature modular design which provides tremendous filtration flexibility. Systems can be modified and/or upgraded in the field should process changes result in changes in the air pollutants generated.