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Aer Sampling LLC

Aer Sampling LLC

Aer Sampling is an ISO 9001 certified and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited manufacturer and distributor of stack testing equipment (stack samplers) worldwide. Founded by a couple of old/retired stack testers from all over the world with decades of experience in isokinetic stack testing/stack sampling and a couple of enthusiastic mechatronics/robotics engineers, here at Aer Sampling, we strive to increase the value of the jobs that stack testers do. Stack testing, also known by its many other names such as source testing, source emission testing, flue gas testing and isokinetic stack testing, aims to collect a representative sample of the gas inside a chimney (otherwise known as a smokestack or just `stack`) to be analyzed so that we know how much air pollutants are being emitted into the environment.

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1968 S. Coast Hwy #324 , Laguna Beach , CA 92651 USA
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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)


Adding value to stack testing worldwide (i.e. helping stack testers make more profits with lower direct & indirect costs).

These are some of the ways that we do that:

  • Buy direct from factory. No middleman/distributors, talk directly to the manufacturer. You will always get the best possible price and technical support online or offline by buying directly from us.
  • ISO 9001 certified and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.  You no longer need to spend time and effort proving traceability and suitability of equipment to your auditors/assessors. We have done that for you.
  • 14-days cash back guarantee. You can buy with peace of mind and if you change your mind, you can return your order to us. Terms and conditions apply.
  • 1-Year manufacturing warranty included with all products. With 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects directly from us, the manufacturer, you can be sure to get the service/support you want in time.
  • Ships within 48 hours. Ships within 48 hours. Goods are sent directly from factory to you with no down time at middleman/distributors.
  • Wizard recommendations available. Special service for new buyers of isokinetic sampling instruments. Use our wizard to find out what you should buy to do the test you want.
  • Method Sampling Sets guaranteed complete. Method Sampling sets are selected to make sure you can sample upon unpacking based on a certain method (EN 13284-1, USEPA Method 5 etc.). Excludes gas analysis and sample analysis and chemicals and certain recovery items and other items as mentioned in the set's webpage.
  • Pay online or offline. You can purchase in the manner that suits you with no differences in prices.

We hope you enjoy using our products and that they bring you more value in your business. Please feel free to contact us for any feedback.

What is stack testing?

One of the most important part of getting a representative sample is the need to sample isokinetically. The gas we pump out from the flue gas stream in the chimney/stack must be at the same ('iso') velocity ('kinetic') as the velocity of the flue gas stream itself. And because the temperatures and velocities at different spots in the chimney/stack are all different and changing constantly, this makes sampling isokinetically a challenging task. 

A chimney/stack is an example of a point source and stationary source of air pollutants (as opposed to area/fugitive sources such as dust from unpaved roads or mobile sources such as vehicles). Pollutants include dioxins and furans, 'dust' (i.e. particulate matter, solid particulates), mercury, volatiles (VOCs: volatile organic compounds) etc.

Data from the stack test is usually reported to the regulatory authorities (Environmental Protection Agencies, Ministries of Environments etc.) as is to demonstrate compliance with emission standards/limits. But it is also used in emission inventories whereby people try to find out the total amount of air pollutants discharged into the atmosphere. Data collected from stack testing is also used in Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) to check the quality of data from continuous emission monitors (CEMS).