Aeration Industries International (AII)

Aeration Industries International (AII)

We are a creative team of engineers, designers, technicians, and strategic thinkers who are passionate about water. We are determined to conceptualize, design, and deliver solutions that fit your unique needs. Aeration Industries International has the expertise and aeration equipment to provide a full range of wastewater treatment solutions to optimize municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications; from process water supply to wastewater treatment, sludge management to produced water return. We also offer customized pond designs to support oxygen dispersion for aquaculture farms. Aeration Industries International combines patented technologies with engineering expertise to develop complete and customized water treatment solutions. Offering: Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions, Aquaculture treatment system design, Process modeling and evaluation, Aeration and mixing technologies, Retrofits for wastewater treatment plants, Compliance planning.

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4100 Peavey Road , Chaska , MN 55318–2353 USA
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Water Aeration and Mixing
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Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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Because Life Depends on Clean Water
We are a creative team of engineers, designers, technicians, and strategic thinkers who are passionate about water. We are determined to conceptualize, design, and deliver solutions that fit your unique needs.

Aeration Industries International has the expertise and aeration equipment to provide a full range of wastewater treatment solutions to optimize municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications; from process water supply to wastewater treatment, sludge management to produced water return. We also offer customized pond designs to support oxygen dispersion for aquaculture farms. Aeration Industries International combines patented technologies with engineering expertise to develop complete and customized water treatment solutions.


  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions
  • Aquaculture treatment system design
  • Process modeling and evaluation
  • Aeration and mixing technologies
  • Retrofits for wastewater treatment plants
  • Rental equipment for supplemental/emergency aeration
  • Regulatory requirements/compliance planning

Our customers choose Aeration Industries International because we know water. We have partnered with our customers and offered engineering expertise and product innovation for more than 40 years.

In 1974 Aeration Industries International was founded with the dream of creating a planet complete with sustainable, clean water. Since its founding, Aeration Industries has developed and applied aspirator aeration and other advanced technology solutions in a variety of ways to help achieve and maintain clean, safe water supplies. Our dream is our drive because life depends on clean water.

Headquartered in the Midwest and proud to call suburban Minneapolis our home, Aeration Industries International maintains offices and a manufacturing plant that houses a state of the art 100,000 gallon research and development test pool facility.

The largest users of our technologies are industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. The technologies are also used for water quality management and to increase yields in aquaculture. We’re very excited that our clean water technology is also becoming increasingly popular for use on golf courses and commercial ponds, lakes, rivers and harbor restorations.

Thousands of installations use our wastewater products in all 50 U.S. states, and more than 93 countries around the world. More than 70,000 of our systems are in operation at these sites.

To provide innovative, cost effective, environmentally sensitive, and customer appropriate aeration and wastewater treatment solutions throughout the world.

To be a respected, sought-after global leader in customer-friendly, high performing aeration, and wastewater treatment solutions.

  • Listening: we collaborate with suppliers, customers, customer representatives, regulators, and each other to find the right solution.
  • Trust: by committing to the highest standards of transparency, performance, ethics, integrity, and professionalism, we treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • Performance: we provide the expertise and deliver the technical performance promised by providing only proven, customer application appropriate solutions.
  • Pioneering Spirit: we encourage innovation and creativity, promote personal growth and added responsibility, and provide new challenges and learning opportunities for all of our associates.

Trusted Experience with more than 70,000 Aerators Installed Worldwide
Providing innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly aeration and wastewater treatment solutions throughout the world.

Aeration Industries International delivers reliable water treatment performance through a variety of aeration and mixing systems. With more than 70,000 Aeration Industries' products operating in a wide range of markets all over the world, our solutions are helping municipalities, industries, and aquaculture farms comply with ever-increasing regulatory demands while providing unsurpassed process control and flexibility. We will work with you to expand treatment in your existing infrastructure, saving you both time and capital expenses.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Aqauculture Aeration

Understanding the unique characteristics of a specific waste stream is essential to designing a successful wastewater treatment system and achieving wastewater treatment efficiency, compliance and sustainable business success in highly regulated industries. With over 40 years experience in designing wastewater treatment systems, Aeration Industries engineers have the knowledge and understanding to assist design engineers and clients in selecting the proper treatment solution for their needs.

Aire-O2 Triton® Process Aerator/Mixer

The Effective, Reliable Aerator and Mixer for Fine Bubble Aeration

Aeration Industries Research & Development engineers called upon decades of experience and a commitment to bring you more innovative and effective wastewater solutions. Our efforts successfully blended the most desirable aeration and mixing features. The result is the Aire-O2 Triton® TR Series Aerator and Mixer; an ideal aerator and mixer that offers dual-functionality, fine bubble aeration, horizontal mixing, minimal maintenance, low total cost of ownership, and deep mixing in a small footprint.

With our patented Aire-O2 Triton TR Series Aerator and Mixer, biological nutrient removal (BNR) is now easier and more cost effective by combining mixing, aeration, and BNR in a single compact unit with separate on/off modes. The Triton’s proprietary engineered propeller/diffuser results in higher oxygen transfer and greater mixing capabilities up to 33 feet (10 meters) deep. You can simply add the Triton to supplement aeration in your current system, without making any changes to infrastructure; making installation easy and reducing costs.

Together, with our Aire-O2® Aspirator Aerators, more than 72,000 units have been delivered worldwide since 1974. We have proven our wastewater treatment systems are reliable and perform in nearly any application.

Why choose the Aire-O2 Triton TR Series?

  • Delivers more oxygen capacity per unit with upgraded propeller
  • Trusted performance
  • Maintain without removing or draining the basin
  • Performs in challenging, heavy debris conditions
  • Fine bubble aeration with mixing only option in BNR applications
  • Mixing capabilities
  • Operates for years with minimal maintenance
  • Surface mounted, horizontal mixing provides better dispersion, directional control with no splashing or aerosoling
  • 72,000 units delivered in the US and over 93 countries since 1974


The Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System, named for our Aire-O2 Triton® in an oxidation oval, provides superior wastewater treatment process control and design flexibility of the activated sludge process. We specialize in oxidation ditch retrofits,  providing you with the cost savings benefits of little construction, easy installation, low maintenance, and reliable wastewater treatment. The system’s dual-function Aire-O2 Triton aerators/mixers drive fine bubble aeration and mixing up to 33ft deep (10m) and allow for full Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR). The energy efficient Triton can also operate in as shallow as 4ft (1.2m). Rentals are available to keep your plant compliant in emergency situations or with fluctuating loads throughout the year. View our Rental Fleet page to learn more.

Ideal for Municipal or Industrial Applications

The Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System is a subsurface complete mix, looped reactor system that is ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Typical processes incorporated into the Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System design can include conventional activated sludge, advanced secondary sludge treatment, nitrification/denitrification, biological nutrient removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, and aerobic sludge digestion.


Why choose the Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System?

  • Simple, flexible operation with easy process control
  • Reduced power consumption with low cost of ownership
  • Minimal heat loss offers improved winter performance
  • Total reliability, quiet operation, and flexible design for restricted land requirements
  • Aire-O2 Triton® Rentals available!


  • Full biological nutrient removal (BOD, TSS, Nitrogen, Phosphorous) and aerobic sludge digestion
  • No aerosols or splashing
  • Complete mixing throughout the water column, eliminating solids deposition
  • Additional equipment can be provided to create a system package including: controls, instrumentation, secondary clarifiers, RAS/WAS pumps, and/or aerobic digester


The Argos® Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is a True Batch SBR system that combines capabilities of anaerobic, anoxic, aerobic, and secondary clarification into one basin. A True Batch SBR, unlike a Continuous Flow SBR, provides a consistent cycle structure within a circular, rectangular, or square basin. A Continuous Flow SBR requires a long rectangular basin to avoid pollutant “short circuiting” and has unpredictable cycle times since it is dependent on the flow.

All components provided with the Argos® SBR are accessible from the surface, which include:

  • Aire-O2 Triton® Aerator(s) – Installed with stainless steel guide rail assemblies, allowing the Triton to function at the entire operating depth of the SBR. The Triton provides anoxic and aerobic conditions by simply cycling the blower on & off.
  • Argos® Decanter(s) – A cantilever type decanter controlled by a VFD to allow variable weir travel. All routine maintenance is achieved from the side of the basin. Decanter control panels are also included to provide local manual control.       The decanter uses a floatable scum baffle which keeps solids from flowing over the weir.
  • Instrumentation – Flow, Level, Dissolved Oxygen, and ORP meters are combined with local controllers to provide real time measurements of the process.
  • Submersible WAS Pump(s) – Pumps are mounted to guide rails for easy access during routine maintenance.
  • Electrically Actuated Influent Valve(s) – Capable of local or PLC automated control. Influent valves are synchronized to open and close simultaneously to ensure proper flow.

Equalization Basins and aerobic sludge digesters can be packaged with the Argos® Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) as well.

Argos® SBR is an ideal system for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities looking for a user-friendly, energy efficient solution. Aeration Industries process engineering team provides custom SBR designs specific to the loading information, effluent requirements, and site conditions for any particular site.

  • Why choose the Argos® SBR?
    • Significant capital and maintenance savings over traditional SBRs
    • Process flexibility
    • Inspection and maintenance can be performed without draining the basin
    • Reduced footprint with no need for additional buildings or enclosures


Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Powered by the Aire-OTriton®Process Aerator/Mixer

Municipal and industrial aerobic digesters are an ideal application for the Aire-O2 Triton process aerator/mixer. The surface-mounted, minimal maintenance Triton provides superior aeration and mixing in solids of up to 4% and depths to 33ft. Aeration Industries’ Aerobic Digester solution offers substantial capital and operational savings, as well as improved process flexibility. Multiple mounting options are available to best fit your needs.

Replace Costly Blower Systems

Aire-O2® upgrades and retrofits lower installation and maintenance costs by eliminating diffusers & associated air piping, blowers, blower buildings, enclosures and independent mixers. Separating aeration and mixing by cycling the unit’s blower on and off allows for process control and flexibility. Equipment is also accessible from the top of the basin for easy maintenance without draining the tank.

Aerobic Digester Treatment… Without Draining Your Tank

Traditional aerobic digesters require labor-intensive maintenance. Nobody wants to drain their tank to access the submerged components or remove the sludge. The surface-mounted Triton is easily accessed at the surface and prevents sludge buildup on the bottom of the tank. The Aire-O2 Triton gives you the benefit of fine bubble aeration for high oxygen transfer without the hassle of traditional air diffused systems.

Benefits  Aerobic Digester Wastewater Treatment

  • Multiple mounting options available
  • Aire-O2 Triton provides superior aeration and mixing in solids of up to 4% and depths up to 33ft (10m)
  • Eliminate diffusers and associated air piping, blowers, blower buildings, and independent mixers
  • Separate aeration and mixing option, offering process control and flexibility
  • Equipment is accessible from the top of the basin for easy maintenance without draining the tank

Fixed Film Media System That Provides Year-Round Nitrification.

Aeration Industries’ Aire-O2 Bio–ffilm® fixed film media system offers a cost-effective wastewater facility upgrade that increases plant performance, capacity, and facilitates year-round nitrification. The Bio–ffilm system is a submerged, attached-growth media process using proprietary fabric technology with a high effective surface area. Suspended in vertical sheets, the media is paired with Aire-O2 Triton® process aerators/mixers to create dedicated treatment “arrays”. The process aerators provide horizontal mixing and aeration between the fixed film media sheets for solids suspension, nutrient treatment, oxygen diffusion, and biomass sustainability. Installation and maintenance are easy with the float-mounted Bio–ffilm system, eliminating the need for new construction and plant downtime.

Effective, affordable, reliable

Ideal for industrial applications, our Aire-O2 Microfloat Dispersed Air Flotation (DAF) System is an effective, affordable and reliable physical/chemical pre-treatment technology for removing up to 90% of fats, oil, and grease, 60% of total suspended solids, and 30% of Biochemical Oxygen Demand – all at a much lower cost than traditional DAF systems. Aeration Industries simply disperses the air using a high RPM Aspirator directly into the DAF tank itself. The complete Microfloat DAF system uses only two motors; the Microfloat Aerator motor and the scum/rake drive. Also, the Microfloat DAF system does not require an external recycle line.

Product Highlights

  • Reduces surcharges by municipalities for disposal
  • Reduces maintenance and energy consumption
  • Requires no balancing of flow rates
  • Eliminates recycle pumps, compressors and attendant piping associated with traditional DAF equipment
  • New complete custom designs (with skimmers and tankage) or retrofits into existing tankage

Lagoon Aeration Wastewater Treatment System

Still a common method of BOD & TSS treatment, lagoon wastewater treatment systems continue to be a large portion of the wastewater market all over the world. Many municipalities and industries continue to use flow through aerated lagoons as their main method of biological treatment. One way to economically increase the capacity of existing facultative lagoons is to provide aeration, which increases the removal rate (efficiency) of the lagoon. Aeration Industries can provide greenfield designs specific to the site conditions, effluent requirements, and influent loading of a particular site. With thousands of installations worldwide, Aeration Industries provides lagoon solutions that are built on the experience and expertise that comes from more than 40 years of experience in wastewater treatment. Whether it’s industrial wastewater treatment requiring thorough mixing and high oxygen transfer efficiency, or a municipal wastewater treatment system requiring efficient and effective treatment; Aeration Industries will design a solution to optimize your lagoon.

Lagoon Aeration Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Flexible lagoon aerator equipment provides wastewater mixing and aeration in one unit
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Thorough mixing
  • Superior sludge movement and reduced settling
  • Equipment accessibility from the top of the basin for easy maintenance
  • Designed to prevent fouling

Emergency Solutions

We understand there are times when you can’t plan for everything… which is why we offer  rentals that can be shipped within in 24 hours! Our Aire-O2 Tritons® are easy to install and offer reliable performance for your emergency aeration needs.

Consistent flow and loading for optimal treatment.

Providing consistent flow and loading to a biological process is important to maintain optimal treatment. Equalization Basin wastewater treatment systems are designed to provide consistent influent flow to downstream processes by retaining high flow fluctuations. Due to the additional retention time, aeration and mixing is required in equalization basins to prevent the raw wastewater from becoming septic and to maintain solids in suspension. Aeration Industries’ Aire-O2 Triton® aerator and mixer coupled with a guide rail assembly, provides a maintenance friendly alternative to diffused aeration systems. Aeration Industries can include a custom control panel equipped with discreet or analog level indication for operator reference as well. We offer equipment that mixes your Equalization Basin to keep suspended solids in solution, add fine bubble aeration to minimize odors, and also ensure predictable and constant flow equalization.

Benefits of Aire-O2 Tritons in your Equalization Basin:

  • Efficient aeration and mixing
  • Simply balance flows during fluctuations
  • Mix and aerate or just mix

The risk of permit violations and downtime are high. Don’t let your DO levels get low.

Are you unable to meet stricter effluent requirements?
Is your wastewater facility at maximum treatment capacity?
Looking for a treatment solution that will upgrade your facility?

As infrastructure ages, operations and energy costs increase, and regulations become increasingly stringent; wastewater treatment plants must look for cost-effective ways to upgrade their plants. Aeration Industries’ retrofit/upgrade and supplemental aeration solutions and services help wastewater treatment plants meet stricter regulations and maximize capacity while saving energy.  If you are looking to expand capacity, we can offer a variety of solutions that work to reduce costs, improve efficiency, comply with new effluent regulations, and save energy. Let’s partner to create a customized aeration system retrofit solution that is right for you.

Simple Ways to Increase Treatment Efficiency without Expanding your PlantWastewater Aeration Retrofits

Need more oxygen and mixing?  A biological treatment upgrade doesn’t usually require new construction; it can be accomplished within your existing aeration basin. We offer the following solutions:

  • Replace outdated equipment or systems with our advanced aeration technology
  • Replace aeration and/or mixing equipment that has reached the end of its operation lifecycle
  • Replace systems that are no longer considered effective

Our equipment offers:

  • More oxygen
  • More mixing
  • Implementing an automated controls package to accomplish BNR
  • Implementing an automated controls package to reduce energy consumption
  • Reducing energy consumption to accomplish equal or better effluent quality, with or without the use of a controls package

Increase Wastewater Treatment Capacity with
Supplemental Aeration Systems

Is your current system not meeting regulations? Looking to expand treatment capacity while still utilizing your current equipment? We can supplement air with our flexible, modular equipment within your existing infrastructure. We offer:

  • Customized solutions while leveraging your existing equipment
  • Ability to meet regulations on a tight timeline
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Assurance that your plant will not lose production time
  • Quick response rental program for emergency situations

Benefits of combining Aire-O2 Triton Aerators and Diffused Aeration Systems

Achieve performance requirements by combining surface aeration with diffused aeration systems. Our Aire-O2 Triton can bring a struggling diffused aeration basin back up to optimal performance by quickly adding oxygen capacity and mixing.

  • Instant capacity (SOTR) increase without the need to interrupt production or drain the basin
  • Increase aeration efficiency (SAE) with consistent aeration
  • Keep solids in suspension with mixing-only option; when oxygen demand is low, Aire-O2 Triton blowers can be turned off to save electricity. When demand is high, Tritons can be activated instantly
  • Modular equipment allows for flexibility without making changes to infrastructure
  • Aire-O2 Triton offers consistent, reliable performance throughout the life of the aerator

Learn more about combining surface aeration and diffused aeration systems.
Then, check out our Case Study to learn how combining surface and
diffused aeration systems helped to improve chemical effluent quality.

Retrofits and Supplemental Aeration are Ideal Solutions for:

  • Aeration tanks
  • Aerobic digesters
  • Anoxic basins
  • Anaerobic basins
  • Chemical mix tanks
  • Lagoons
  • Oxidation ditches

Lagoon Conversions

As federal and state regulatory agencies continue enforcing more stringent nutrient removal policies and increasing the plant capacity of wastewater systems becomes essential, the cost of maintaining a productive wastewater system skyrockets. While pricey, meeting the new goals set for the municipalities and industries is an unavoidable necessity. But, there is an alternative to starting from scratch. “Lagoon Conversions,” better known as lagoon upgrades, are a cost-effective means to modifying existing wastewater systems in order to accomplish the growing demands on the wastewater systems.

Tackling new regulations dealing with lower biological oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), and ammonia levels is incredibly expensive. Managing those regulations as well as biological nutrient removal (BNR) while controlling the cost of new designs, plant modifications, and new plant construction is incredibly challenging. Historically, when faced with these stringent effluent limits and/or increases in plant influent flows or loadings, engineers have redesigned an entirely new plant to ensure compliance with the effluent requirements.

Fortunately, re-engineering a new plant is not the only solution. Instead, upgrading existing lagoon systems by preserving and using as much of the existing system and equipment as possible is a feasible alternative. Lagoons are intentionally designed to be easy to operate and maintain and to produce effluent capable of achieving conventional secondary treatment.

Learn more about Retrofits, Supplemental Aeration, and Upgrades in English or Spanish.Read about how we helped Troy, Alabama meet DO requirements by retrofitting the plant and how supplemental aeration nearly eliminated filamentous sludge bulking in Dubai Investments Park Wastewater Treatment Plant.