AES Marine Consultants, LLC

AES Marine Consultants, LLC will increase your productivity, maintain your projects regulatory compliance, and reduce/eliminate injuries and project delays, which slash your workers compensation costs and related expenses. AES provides project-based technical consultation and administration of QHSE Programs. We have a proven history of high-quality professionalism and supporting clients worldwide in the Oil, Gas & Alternative Energy Industry: Research, Exploration, Drilling, Construction and Production Phases. AES provides Occupational Health & Safety Compliance, which supports site-specific work practices, complimenting conformance to local, federal and international HSE rules and regulations; Hazard Identification & Risk Mitigation; Loss Prevention Strategies Development; Industrial Health & Hygiene Performance Evaluation; Emergency Action Planning; Incident Management; Accident Investigation and Corrective Action Planning; Project Site Client Representation and Administration.

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115 East Travis Street, Suite 742 , San Antonio , Texas 78205 USA

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Consulting firm
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Health and Safety - Health and Safety Consulting and Engineering
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Globally (various continents)


Protect your most valuable resources with an experienced HSE & Regulatory Compliance Adviser, Industrial Medical Care Provider (Paramedic USCG-MCPIC), qualified technical safety expert, and dynamic Project Administrator with over a decade of experience in the Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Industry. Our consultant will increase your productivity, maintain your project's regulatory compliance, reduce/eliminate injuries and project delays, which slash your worker's compensation costs and related expenses.


The duty of an employer is recognized as a non-negotiable priority to provide a safe work environment for their employees.  You need the best people in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) to help you understand, manage and control risks.  Our HSE Management professional, with in-depth knowledge achieved through real industry experience, will assist you in mitigating risks and developing a true incident free operation.


Trust in the capability of our Professional Administrator to promote safety, improve productivity, and ensure the completion of your project incident free.  We represent our client's objectives, assuring a sense of comfort that the project is managed professionally and ethically, and increase our reputation by exceeding their expectations.


AES Marine Consultants is an international independent consultant regulating and acting in the best interest of your project to reduce and eliminate work related injuries by developing and promoting established safe work practices in the marine, oil, and petroleum industry. We are a service-oriented company that tailors to the needs of the project.

As an HSE Adviser and Project Administrator we specialize in meeting the specific needs for each individual client. These services consist of on-site HSE & Regulatory compliance assurance, project administration, logistical coordination, promoting industrial safety awareness, and on-site specialized safety inspections complying with state and federal rules and regulations. Our knowledgeable consultant will address your issues with quality and service you can trust.

We realize that safety is the most important factor in an organization, and we will instill that fact into the mindset of your employees, contractors, and any personnel working at the project site. AES Marine Consultants, LLC has a proven track record of promoting safe work practices, increasing environmental awareness, meeting regulatory compliance, improving productivity, and providing project completion - incident free.


Tony Rosales, CEO of AES Marine Consultants, LLC created this company as a way of assuring for the financial future of his family. During this process an associate asked him to define safety. As a devoted father, he considered his children and commented, 'The simple truth is, if we are not safe, then we can forget about everything we are trying to do.' From the Owner:

'We constantly predict the future in order to help decide what we should do next and also over the longer term. When we predict that we are likely to come to some harm then we feel unsafe. The greater the potential harm and the greater likelihood of this happening, the more unsafe we feel. Physical safety means freedom from physical harm. Such harm can come from other people and from our environment. We can also psychologically threaten ourselves, as that little voice in side berates us for our wrong-doings.

We realize when to be safe, why to be safe, and we go out of our way to learn how to be safe when we identify the need to go without harm. We must look to our children, and identify the need to care for ourselves and our environment. We must provide for them, and leave a legacy to be proud of.'


AES Marine Consultants, LLC has strong credentials and a proven history of high-quality professionalism, the very best in the safety industry. Clients across the globe are afforded the combined services of HSE Consultation and Project Administration.

We have made ourselves available to our clients worldwide, in various locations such as: USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, and Mozambique. Having had the opportunity to work with various drilling, subsea, and petroleum companies around the world, has provided a knowledge base that could only serve to benefit any client. Our consultants have had the benefit of being able to work with some of the world's best in the Oil & Gas Industry.

AES Marine Consultants, LLC has had the opportunity to participate, and continues to participate in many innovative projects in the Oil & Gas Industry including, research and development, construction, drilling process, and production.