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  • Energy & Environment

  • Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Services

    Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Services

    Safe waste management and waste water treatment is a prerequisite for a healthy environment.ÅF has the ambition and the knowhow to make waste management more resource efficient, and in doing so, contribute to a more sustainable society.  Efficient water treatment reduces the amount of emitted pollutants into our environment. ÅF works with methods for waste water, cooling water and fresh water.

  • Groundwater and Hydrogeology Services

    Groundwater and Hydrogeology Services

    We investigate groundwater from the minuscle pore scale to the grand regional scale for any feasible purpose. Our preferred approach is guided by a healthy mixture of experience, curiosity and our fondness of numerical modelling. We may cover all the necessary steps from borehole testing to the characterization of the hydrogeological domain, numerical simulations, special analyses of the results and detailed interpretations. Depending on the issues we...

  • Waste-to-Energy Service

    Waste-to-Energy Service

    Waste-to-Energy projects are the leading solution for minimising landfill use as well as producing power and heat from non recyclable waste fuels. By producing high quality Solid Recovered Fuel from waste it is also possible to substitute fossile fuels in power plants. The challenges caused by the difficult fuel are now managed by the advanced firing control and new materials able to withstand corrosive environment.Thanks to the very strict...