AFB Consultancy LLC

AFB Consultancy LLC

AFB Consultancy offers over 25 years professional engineering experience in United Kingdom, USA and Peoples’ Republic of China chemicals manufacturing and environmental protection. The successes achieved by AFB Consultancy come from establishing a confidential working arrangement and detailed study of technical problems. Frequently, significant reductions in environmental emissions can be achieved not by means of end-of-pipe technologies, but some modification or optimization of the upstream operations of the process. AFB Consultancy specializes in phosphorus chemistry and the industries that produce and use phosphorus and its derivatives. These include elemental phosphorus furnaces, thermal and wet phosphoric acid production including purification; inorganic phosphates ranging from fertilizers to food additives and a wide range of organo-phosphorus processes from fire retardants to pharmaceutical intermediates. AFB Consultancy also offers experience in hazard mitigation

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26 41st Avenue , Isle of Palms , South Carolina 29451 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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less than 1,000,000 €