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AFC Limited

AFC Limited

A new decontamination solution from AFC Ltd.,Japan We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our captioned new product called Fe+bios that transforms Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI), Cr6+) to nontoxic Trivalent Chromium (Cr(III), Cr3+). Fe+bios is the only one product in the world that performs perfect Cr(VI) elimination with no reducing character from Cr(III) back to Cr(VI). Some more information about Fe+bios in brief is available at our website If you are interested in testing Fe+bios, we would be pleased to provide you with free sample in 100ml bottle upon request. Thank you in advance for your kind attention and we look forward to opportunities of further service to any requests from you.

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5-4-1 Itachibori Nishi-ku , Osaka , Osaka Japan
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
less than $1,000,000 US

Fe+bios in brief

*  Perfect and permanent Cr6+ to CR3 reduction

*  Immediate reaction

*  Absolutely no reversible reaction from Cr3+ to Cr6+

*  Extremely low cost 

*  Simply dilute and pour at a site

*  Harmless to human body and the earth environments due to    

    natural ingredients   

*  Storage in conventional environment      

*  Developed by the industry-university cooperation study with    National Gifu University, Japan