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  • Solid Waste Management Services

    Solid Waste Management Services

    The evaluation of the existing state of solid waste management, the identification of management needs, and the assessment of alternate waste management strategies and means of implementation are key elements in the formulation of a comprehensive solid waste management policy which satisfies the goals and requirements of New York States Environmental Conservation Law and its implementing regulations. Buffalo Environmental has been continually...

  • Landfill Design & Permitting Services

    Landfill Design & Permitting Services

    BECI has managed the design and permitting activities for a number of solid waste management facilities. These projects required intimate working knowledge of Federal RCRA and New York State NYCRR Part 360 and 373 requirements as well as routine contact with Department of Environmental Conservation Headquarters and Regional Offices.

  • Hydrogeologic & Geotechnical Investigations Services

    Hydrogeologic & Geotechnical Investigations Services

    BECI hydrogeologist and geologists possess a wealth of experience in the design and implementation of hydrogeologic and geotechnical investigations where the definition of soil and groundwater characteristics is crucial to successful project completion. Hydrogeologic investigations are conducted in accordance with state and federal guidelines, utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring well and piezometer installation techniques. The professional drillers...

  • Environmental Inspections Services

    Environmental Inspections Services

    Lead Testing. Lead Risk Assessment. Lead/Asbestos/Mold Inspections. Monitoring. Air Sampling. Design and Consulting. Radon Testing. Indoor Air Quality Testing. Phase I Environmental Audits. Phase II Environmental . Investigations. Environmental Remediation. Groundwater Monitoring. Wetland Delineation.

  • Landfill Siting Analysis Services

    Landfill Siting Analysis Services

    Siting is a major factor in the development of solid waste management facilities in New York. For the majority of solid waste management facilities, an evaluation of alternative sites is required by SEQR and its implementing regulations, 6NYCRR Part 617. Evaluation of alternative sites for landfills is also required by Section 360-2.12. BECI has conducted and completed several siting studies for solid waste management facilities in western New York...