AFITEX is a manufacturer of specialized geo-synthetics for DRAINAGE, LINING SYSTEMS and SLOPE REINFORCEMENT. The company’s activities: PUBLIC WORKS: AFITEX designs, manufactures and markets synthetic drainage solutions used in place of traditional granular fill in roads, dams, ponds, tunnels and bridges. ENVIRONMENT, HYDRAULIC WORKS: Drainage products combined with geo-membranes and geocomposite for landfills. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION: AFITEX range of certified products offers economic solutions for the protection, drainage and waterproofing of foundations, retaining walls, roof gardens.

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13-15, Rue Louis Blériot , Champhol , 28300 France
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Soil and Groundwater
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Internationally (various countries)
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For more than 20 years, Industrial AFITEX is specialized in three sectors: drainage, earth retaining and lining systems to the point to stand out as one of the leaders of the activity today. AFITEX realises the conception, the manufacturing and the marketing of synthetic materials mainly for the construction markets.

Implanted near Paris, the company extends over an industrial site of 15,000 m²; and so transforms basic textiles into geocomposite products. Strong of its experience and its various knowledge, AFITEX puts today on its two major trump cards: the quality of service and the innovation.

The priorities of AFITEX - which knows how to adapt itself to the specific constraints of the universe of the construction - are to understand and to anticipate the needs of its customers, Building Constructions companies and specialized materials retailers.

Three Main Applications



1.A. Building

       Horizontal Drainage of base water under paving

               - SOMTUBE FTB  reduces the need for earth removal works, drainage gravel, PE film, geotextile filter and drainage spikes. It drains water from the sub-layers under reinforced concrete paving and replaces the traditional drainage layers. This product is used permanently and must be connected to an evacuation drainage trench.  

       Horizontal Drainage of planted roofs and terrace gardens

                - COVERDRAIN FT  also protects sealing membranes and limits the weight on the concrete slab, it's used for water drainage of sports fields as well.

       Foundations Protection

                - PROTECTERRE, is placed 2 or 4m horizontally around the building to protect the foundations from cracking due to clay deformation, serves as sealing and protects the associated geomembrane .

       Gas Drainage under geomembrane for Pollution Control

                 - SOMTUBE GAS, PROTECTERRE

•       Sealing and Vertical Drainage of foundations' infiltration water

                - SOMDRAIN T5, one product with 4 functions: Filtration, Drainage, Sealing       geomembrane, Mechanical Protection of the GMB, it is applied to underground walls: parking, underground premises.

                - SOMDRAIN RT5  with additional thermal insulation function.

       Vertical Drainage of  foundations' infiltration water

                -  ALVEODRAIN F, only drainage for underground walls, used for permanent formwork applications. 

       Filtration/Separation Geotextile:             


       Mechanical Protection Geotextile:           



2- Public Works

2.A. Road Infrastructure

       Drainage under Embankment

                - SOMTUBE FTF protects the backfill from the rising hydraulic pressures, it replaces up to 1 m gravel layer.

       Drainage on roadside Embankments

                - DRAINCOTEX protects road structures from lateral infiltrations through the collector drain that is enclosed in the filter sleeve.

       Sealing, retaining, drainage  and planting of ditches and gullies

                - STABILINER ALVEO, with a thermoformed geotextile and an associated 1mm PEHD membrane, for waterproofing and planted channels.

                - STABILINER GTX for waterproofing, planted ditches of smoother slopes.

       Draining masks

                - SOMTUBE FTF, substitutes the granular layer and the geotextile filter   and stabilizes water sensitive slopes.   

2.B. Civil Engineering Works

       Drainage behind reinforced structures

                -  SOMTUBE FTF

       Waterproofing on top of reinforced structures

                - PROTECTERRE

       Drainage behind support walls and foundations of structures

             -  ALVEODRAIN F for vertical drainage

3- Environment

3.A. Landfills

       Base Drainage of Leachate

                -DRAINTUBE ACB  treated against biological  clogging, patented product, it limits bacterial growth on the filter for efficient drainage, protects the GMB, substitutes 20 cm of gravel material.

       Slope drainage of Leachate

                - DRAINTUBE UV: with filter resistant to UV, drains leachate and rainfall water, protects the GMB against punching.This geocomposite can be exposed during the working period (up to 4 years) of the landfill keeping     its main hydraulic and mechanical properties.

       Cap Sealing and Drainage of enclosed gases and rain water

                - DRAINTUBE FT/PE with an attached PEHD membrane 0.5/0.8/1mm for a sealed top layer, enables installation of the drainage  and sealing layers in a single operation.

                - DRAINTUBE FTP with an attached thin PE film for a semi permeable top layer (limits infiltration to 5% of rain water), enables installation  of the drainage  and semi- sealing layers in a single operation.

                - DRAINTUBE FT is used to drain rain water and protect the GMB if it is placed on the GMB or on the low permeability layer. It's used to drain gas produced by waster degradation if  placed directly under the GMB.

       Sealing, retaining, drainage and planting of the landfill ditches

                - STABILINER ALVEO, STABILINER GTX with easy longitudinal installations, and widths adjusted to each project.

3.B. Reinforcement Works

       Earth Retaining and Erosion Control

               - AFITER, reinforced geogrid used for stabilization of earth on slopes up to 3H/2V, with PE mats reinforced by polyester cables, serves for earth retaining water ponds slopes and for landfill caps.  

                - ALVEOTER is a polyester geocell to retain significant thickness of topsoil on slopes ≥ 3H/2V, easy to install, light and flexible. 

       Earth Reinforcement

               - GEOTER, woven geocomposite with High Tenacity Polyester cables is used in single or multiple layers for reinforced walls, reinforcement on cavity and unstable support.

3.C. Water Retention Projects

       Water retention ponds

                - DRAINTUBE FT drains rising water tables and gases under GMB, mechanical protection for the GMB.

                -  ALVEOGAZ, placed between the punch-proof geotextile and the geomembrane, it  drains gases under the GMB in ponds, the ALVEOGAZ bands replace the collector drain that is usually placed around the top of the slope, with degassing vents usually every 10m. 

       Drainage within a flood wall

                - DRAINATEX, SOMTUBE FTF, for vertical and horizontal drainage downstream of the flood wall

       Irrigation Ponds

                - DRAINTUBE FT, placed under GMB for protection and to monitor leaks.             

3.D.  Urban Facilities

       Planting of Tracks, Tramways

                - SOMDRAIN 106,  placed under top soil, drains infiltration water under tramways and helps rapid plant growth.   

       Drainage of parks and gardens

                - SOMTUBE FTF, COVERDRAIN FT replace traditional gravel layer.