Ag Business & Crop Inc.

Ag Business & Crop Inc.

Ag Business and Crop Inc. is a growing company that uses the latest technology and information for innovative and measured solutions to a wide range of industries. From the eBee/eXom UAS/UAV to the Wintex Soil sampler we aim to provide the best. While servicing a board range of industries one of our focuses is on precision agriculture in the Canadian Agricultural sector across Canada and all markets in eastern Canada.

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5929 Perth Rd. 178 R.R.#2 , Palmerston , Ontario N0G 2P0 Canada
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Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)
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Felix Weber, ACA, T-Ag.
Your profitability, best net returns and efficiency for your farm operation are the goals of my company, Ag Business and Crop Inc. Using the latest growth trends, innovations and technology I offer strategic crop advice, technological support and business planning. I am an Agri-Coach™ (Agri Trend Agrology Ltd.), AgExpert Certified Advisor with 20 years hands on experience and I’m continuously upgrading my skills to make sure my clients receive the best service possible.

You want to make your business grow and develop while facing agricultural challenges and I can help you along the way.

I look forward to meeting you on a no obligation basis. As a team player I can offer solutions, and if I don’t know the answer, I will make sure I will find it. I love helping others and want them to grow and be successful. My Ontario experience and education, along with my Diploma in Agriculture (Switzerland), are a great combination and offer a unique perspective.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and growing boys. As well, I’ve have my private pilots license and enjoy flying and motorcycling. I’m involved in the children’s soccer, K40, church finance committee and other volunteer commitments.


Our goal is to maximize your success, and excel in using the latest technology and information for agriculture and beyond.

UAS/UAV (Drone)
Precision technology has driven the farming revolution of recent years and monitoring crops from the sky will drive the next. The senseFly drones are an effective tool, easy to use and give immediate results.

Used correctly a UAS/UAV or known as drone’s can capture highly accurate images of your fields, covering up to hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight. At a far greater resolution than satellite imagery provides, even when there is cloud cover.

By using image processing software you can then transform these shots into one large ‘orthomosaic’ image. Apply algorithms like Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to this image and you create a reflectance map of your crop. It highlights exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – meaning less time spent scouting, and more time treating the plants that need it.

With the senseFly drone you have accurate information on demand, optimize applications: water, seed, fertilizer and chemical, preserve and conserve water and soil, and boost your yields as well as cut costs.


Wintex Soil Sampling
Specializing in soil samplers for over 15 years Wintex Agro Wintex soil samplers that are fully automatic so soil sampling can take place in all kinds of soil with a core probe for a more precision sample. This ensures a completely homogeneous, and accurate, sample being a core of soil which is taken from the adjusted depth.

Reliable and extremely user-friendly, all operations are easily carried out from the driver’s seat. The soil sampler only needs minimum maintenance, and the probe is easily replaced. The soil sampler can be mounted on most vehicles and is easily installed with quick couplings.

If used in combination with a GPS positioning system, the soil samples will be geographically registered and can later on be used for variable rate lime and fertilizer application maps.

User-friendliness, minimum maintenance, reliability as well as taking high-quality samples quickly and effectively are the main characteristics of Wintex Soil Samplers.