AgGrow Energy Resources Pty Ltd.

AgGrow Energy Resources Pty Ltd.

AgGrow Energy Resources Pty Ltd.

AgGrow Energy Resources Pty Ltd (AER) is a privately owned company based in Perth, Western Australia, that has brought together the technology and project management required to: Establish bio-energy fuelled renewable energy island systems (REIS) that cost effectively reduce fossil diesel dependence at mine sites and remote communities. Divert waste streams from landfill and process them to produce renewable energy and valuable co products such as fertilizers, biochar, carbon black and high octane liquid fuel. Deliver individual project investment opportunities, which combine advanced growth technology, innovative agricultural techniques, state of the art data information systems, patented fuel processing systems and management and partnerships expertise.

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PO Box 2623 Mount Claremont , Perth , Western Australia 6010 Australia
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Our Mission
The company name reflects our mission to produce renewable energy through the combined application of agricultural technology and techniques for the effective use and recycling of resources, thereby benefiting all stakeholders and putting energy production at AER projects in balance with supporting natural systems.

Our Values

  • Our core business is based on the highest level of economic, environmental and social accountability.
  • Our aim is to establish long term value relationships with people by maximising returns for mutual prosperity.
  • Our culture is to deliver excellence and superior products with honesty, integrity and commitment.

AER is a technology integrator in the waste to energy and renewable bioenergy industry which delivers unique energy solutions to customers in remote areas. AER works as a collaborative renewable energy partner with its clients to identify the most appropriate methodology to repurpose waste streams into beneficial energy resources.

Renewable Energy
The company has secured exclusive agreements with equipment suppliers and has integrated a number of proven technologies in order to develop its unique Business Model, aptly named Crop2kilowatt™ (C2K™). This business model is tailor made to suit remote areas and is easily replicable and thus very scalable, with AER having identified numerous mine site target customers across Australia and Sub-Saharan Africa to deliver economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The Anaerobic Digestion Process

  • Primary feed source is sorghum, using soya beans and maize as crop rotation for soil rejuvenation.
  • Grown on centre pivot irrigation with a harvest cycle of 90/100 days i.e. 3 crops per year
  • Placed into anaerobic digestion (AD) tanks to convert the biomass to biogas.
  • Biogas is supplied directly to generators after washing.
  • Digester waste is recycled as a compost reducing chemical fertiliser demand.

We have strong links to a bioenergy company in South Africa which has spent the last 5 years researching efficient pyrolysis technology with a focus on thermal conversion rates that produce high quality liquid fuel and steam plus electricity. Recent test results using sugar cane Tops and Trash have revealed high yielding bio crude oil.

AER is undertaking a hybrid screening program to identify the optimal sweet sorghum hybrids in the North and West Australian regions of Australia which are capable of high yielding biomass and which can be upgraded to other value products via existing industries.

Examples are:

  • biodigestion of Sweet Sorghum to produce bio-methane to generate electricity or be processed into Bio-CNG/LNG for transport fuels to replace diesel;
  • syngas, gasification for producing heat or electricity, high value chemicals, terpenes, oils etc and drop in diesel.
  • AER will partner a leading university for pilot cultivation of superior sorghum and another research organisation will carry out anaerobic digestion trials to compare bio-methane yields from cultivars.