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  • Compliance Services

    Compliance Services

    From a single instrument to multiple labs to departmental organizations, Agilent has a compliance solution designed to meet your needs. Whether you choose Agilent Classic Edition or Agilent Enterprise Edition, our new, updated compliance platform, you can count on proven results from the company with over 100,000 successful deliveries, industry-leading quality development processes, and over a decade of practical compliance experience.

  • Instrument Services

    Instrument Services

    By taking advantage of the 'systems intelligence' built into each Agilent instrument, Agilent offers software and service solutions that proactively monitor critical instrument parameters to help pre-empt instrument problems and deliver insight into your Agilent assets.

  • Instrument Lifecycle Planning

    Instrument Lifecycle Planning

    Agilent offers a complete portfolio of services designed to help you get the most from your Agilent instruments across every stage of their lifecycle. Trust Agilent to help you protect your instrument investment today and to be there in the future to help you transition to cutting-edge next generation technologies.

  • Agilent Service and Support Plans

    Agilent Service and Support Plans

    Recognized as 'Best in Class,' Agilent has been building and maintaining the instruments you count on for more than 40 years. With Service center operations in 65 countries, a global dispatch system to optimize coverage by our top rated service professions, and call centers ready to assist with both Agilent and non-Agilent instruments, you can trust Agilent to provide the extended protection that leads to more efficiency and greater productivity for your...

  • Specialized Services

    Specialized Services

    For 40 years Agilent has been offering services designed to help you meet aggressive business goals. Whatever your specialized service needs, you’ll discover that Agilent provides just what you need so that you can continue to focus on what you do best.