Agilyx is an alternative energy company that uses patented, proven and commercially viable technology to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into valuable petrochemicals through a process that is scalable, versatile, and environmentally positive. Applying its patented and proprietary technology, Agilyx reduces plastic waste normally destined for landfills, produces refinery-ready crude oil and styrene monomer, and creates community and local jobs with its distributed waste management and energy production approach. Our affordable, modular systems are sold to industrial and municipal waste plastic generators and aggregators looking to reduce disposal-related costs and increase plastics-associated revenues – all while meeting challenging environmental standards, curbing the need for new landfills, and extracting the often-unused and untapped energy contained within waste plastic.

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13240 SW Wall Street , Tigard , OR 97223 USA
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Waste to Energy
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Internationally (various countries)
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The dynamics of the current recycling industry are very complex. Recycling programs are very localized and fragmented, exposed to significant commodity value fluctuations, but most importantly, they are not designed to encourage or service downstream chemical recycling. As a result, only the best high quality plastic waste are recovered from the waste and recycling streams stranding > 75% of the remaining waste plastic with no recycling option. 

At Agilyx, we are committed to addressing this worldwide plastic waste problem. We have developed comprehensive systems, technologies and know-how in order to transform otherwise non recyclable plastics into a range of valuable products. Waste plastics are difficult to recycle as they are commingled, dirty and contaminated. We have risen to this challenge and developed our technology to produce a premium refinery grade crude oil feedstock that is sold into commerce and provides the flexibility to be used in multiple products. We also have broadened our solutions platform to be the only company in the world that can take waste polystyrene and produce styrene monomers that can be fully recycled back into polystyrene products. 

Our chemical recycling approach has a very environmentally favorable profile to traditional forms of crude oil extraction and manufacturing. Our systems are available to industrial and municipal customers who are focused on the highest and best use of resources, while meeting challenging environmental standards to extract the often unused and untapped value contained within waste plastic.

Agilyx is committed to continuous innovation and lives by the expectation that our technology must improve constantly in order to deliver greater quality and operational efficiencies for our customers and partners, while also striving to ensure improved environmental impact.

One Step Closer to Zero Waste. 

Agilyx is committed to leading the industry in the conversion of waste plastics into high value crude oil through a scalable and environmentally positive technology.

We Are Dedicated to:

  • Reducing waste streams by processing plastics otherwise destined for landfill.  We augment the recycling process with a productive, revenue generating resource for non-recyclable and low value plastics.
  • Producing clean, consistent high value crude oil with lower emissions and less energy loss. 
  • Enabling local communities to expand their material recovery and recycling capabilities to accommodate waste plastics through our scalable solution.  
  • Creating empowered communities by delivering new sources of domestic energy, an opportunity to capitalize on green jobs, and improved environmental stewardship of their local resources.

Our Vision

The elimination of waste plastic as an inhibitor toward global Zero Waste objectives. 

Our Mission

To be the industry leader in the development of renewable energy technology that ensures the highest and best use of plastics while minimizing environmental impact. 

Our Values

In our interactions with our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders, we will:

  • Act with the highest degree of integrity;
  • Be open and honest with our communications;
  • Treat people with respect and integrity;
  • Follow set guidelines and work safely;
  • Value, trust and empower our employees to exceed expectations; 
  • Accept responsibility and meet commitments;
  • Be innovative, collaborative and willing to take risks;
  • Strive to deliver superior results and continuously improve;
  • Be leaders in environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Agilyx Sustainability Statement 
Agilyx is committed to sustainability. Our technology converts waste plastics into high value crude oil through a scalable and environmentally positive process that carries a carbon impact that is significantly better than traditional forms of foreign or domestic crude oil extraction. 

Our Vision for Total Recovery

The Agilyx environmental mission is to provide a viable solution that moves our customers  “one step closer to zero waste.”  We provide an energy recovery option for difficult to recycle waste plastics that is environmentally and economically superior to other disposal methods, such as incineration and landfill disposal. Our technology complements traditional recycling by processing what cannot otherwise be recycled or for which viable economic markets may not exist.

The Highest and Best Use in the Industry

Agilyx ensures the highest and best use of waste plastics though our patented technology, which promotes the re-use of materials and improves the recovery of energy. Our technology delivers a cleaner, more efficient extraction process than other alternatives.
Agilyx technology is focused on outperforming direct combustion of non-recyclable plastics.  Our technology delivers greater:

  • Energy returned on energy invested – Agilyx recovers ~5 times more BTU’s than traditional incineration per pound of plastics.
  • Financial value – Agilyx produces synthetic crude oil—the highest value energy commodity, far outpacing the BTU-equivalent price as electricity.
  • Production of crude oil that has lower carbon intensity than new sources of virgin crude.

Strategic Integration with Other Technologies
Agilyx technology is playing a key role in the transformation of the waste industry into a “materials handling” industry.  Together with other recovery technologies, we can increase recovery rates, and efficiently capture the energy value from non-recyclable plastics.  

Empowerment of Local Communities
Agilyx strives to improve environmental stewardship of local community resources and create of new green jobs.  Agilyx facilities offer local skilled labor jobs, typically one job for each 1,350 tons of plastics a facility processes.

Leading the development and commercialization of technologies and innovations in existing markets is very difficult work. Creating a new industry is a whole other matter. Agilyx and its small team has been hard at work over the last 14 years developing technologies, know how and comprehensive solution platforms essentially marrying the interests of the waste and recycling industries with petrochemical industries.


Our passion for solving the plastic waste problem and turning plastics into a long term durable carbon source, has motivated and propelled us to where we are today. Today we are working with partners all over the world to scale the various options for converting waste plastics into valuable resources. Below is a sampling of the efforts we have exerted. We are very proud of our heritage.