A.G.O. manufactures geophysics and oceanographics equipment including portable, manual, electric winches, slip ring units, rotary joints, wire counters payout systems, oceanographic instruments, and geophysics survey tools. We represent 3H Manufacturing, General Oceanics, Nobska, Hangzhou Prosper Electric Company, Horizon Fuel Cells, YC Synergy,and Palcan Electrolyzers

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10 - 626 Esquimalt Rd , Victoria , V9A 3L4 British Co Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

Our products and services include:

  • one to four man portable electric and manually operated instrumentation winches with optional slip ring assemblies for oceanographic (e.g. side scan sonar, marine magnetometers, CTD's), geophysics survey (e.g. borehole winch) / mining exploration applications, balloon and arrow-stat, aerostat winches, These are our original high quality DC powered winches 12, 24, 48, 90, and 180 VDC supplied from batteries for the lower voltages to variable speed controllers using AC sourced power 115 and 230 VAC
  • NEW winch products, Variable speed AC Vector drive, frequency drive winch systems CSW-7V & CSW-9V, CMW-2 and PID-05 options of wash-down or stainless steel motors, networking, sequencing, joystick, E-brake and many more call for more details. Ethernet, Bluetooth, WIFI remote operation being tested; coming soon.
  • Level wind systems and reversing screws, NEW upgrade to stainless steel reversing screws for our winch series
  • NEW hydraulic conversion kit for modification form electric to hydraulic drive for our winch series. To see a CSW-6H in action visit Park's Canada site for photos of a unit in the search for the Franklin see bottom of page.
  • AGO's New field repairable stainless steel slip ring SR-08-MCBH, rotary joint, c/w subsea connectors and spare contacts, SR08MCBH
  • oceanographic survey winch series - slip ring housings and level wind systems
  • electrical slip rings for oceanographic, pipe crawlers and many other applications, SRC032-4, SRC025-30-3P 15S, SR-08-MCBH, etc.
  • Combined Optical and electrical conductor style slip ring units available for a wide variety of applications
  • waterproof inline and bulkhead electrical connectors for subsea / underwater applications; custom cable terminations and molding
  • electronic EWC-5 and mechanical MWC-02 wire payout meter / counter and sheave wireless option available for electronic versions
  • subsea video camera, underwater LED lights and laser, 405 nm, 532 nm and 680 nm in 1 and 5 mw power with dot or line options
  • subsea pressure case / underwater housing for instrument packages / submersible junction box in standard and custom sizes and a variety of materials aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and plastics. Depths range from near surface to 4,000 meters depth.
  • oceanographic instruments
    • representative in Canada for General Oceanics products (CTD instruments, Rosette water sampler, Niskin water sampler, water current meter and flowmeter, data logger and sensors, plankton and oil spill net, etc.)
    • Nobska MAVS acoustic current meter
  • geophysics equipment and accessories including porous pots for IP or SP surveys, borehole winch, dummy cable probe, wire counter, and more
  • fuel cell technologies, including Horizon fuel cells e.g. H2000 2kw PEM fuel cell system ideal for 36 VDC systems, YC Synergy fuel cell systems and Palcan electrolyzers & fuel cell systems, combined methanol reformer systems available soon
  • Under development: A.G.O. hydrogen fuel cell assisted sailboat and new 10 ton EV-boat motor sailor using an H5000 PEM fuel cell