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Agri Analysis Inc

Agri Analysis Inc is an independently owned and operated agricultural and environmental laboratory located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We have continuously serviced the agricultural community by providing analytical testing services since 1983. Our testing facilities provide the most diverse and extensive line of agricultural testing of any regional laboratory of its kind! Agri Analysis maintains one of the best Feed/Forage, Water, Manure, Soil, Plant Tissue, Horticulture, Turf, Fertilizer, Lime, and Compost testing laboratories on the East Coast. We are committed to providing quality in every process and report that bares our name and logo. Our experienced sales and technical staff provide a wide range of services, including the customization of reports (e.g.; include your company logo on your report!), the bundling of tests to fit your exact needs, and dependable turn-around time.

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280 Newport Road , Leola , Pennsylvania 17546 USA
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Agri Analysis began impacting the agricultural community in 1983, when we purchased our first Near Infrared Reflectance System (NIRS). The NIRS impact on the industry was two-fold: first, it allowed for one-day results of forages’ nutritional content. Secondly, this allowed agricultural producers to make real-time changes to their feed, steadily improving animal productivity and health. Agri Analysis was the first laboratory to stand-alone with this technology and we are proud to have been at the forefront of this technological advance!

In 1989, we expanded our forage laboratory into a full service Agricultural and Horticultural testing laboratory. Today, our laboratory occupies well over 12,000 square feet of laboratory space! The space consists of a 4,000 square foot Wet Chemistry Laboratory, a 2,500 square foot Agronomy Facility, and a 1,500 square foot Feed and Forage Laboratory.  We employ highly trained and experienced laboratory managers and technicians, who work hard to provide reliable results and customer oriented service. We are committed to providing quality in every process and report that bares our name and logo. 

Currently, our laboratory provides Feed/Forage, Water, Manure, Soil, Plant Tissue, Horticulture, Turf, Fertilizer, Lime, and Compost services. We work hard to stay on top of technological advances in the industry. The primary equipment used in our laboratory includes:

   - A research grade 6500 NIRS, considered to be the best in the market 
   - Incoupled Plasma Flame (ICP) used to determine a materials mineral composition. The ICP can assay up to 38 different minerals at a time and up to 176 samples non-stop. 
   - LECO TruSpec Combustion Analyzer used to determine a materials nitrogen composition, which can then be utilized to calculate protein composition for a sample.
   - Ankom 200 Fiber Analyzer used for wet reference NDF, ADF, Crude Fiberdetermination. 
   - Ankom Daisy II Incubator utilized for wet reference NDFd invitro testing, offered at 24, 30, and 48 hour points. 

Technology is increasing at a high rate of speed and so is our capability of producing data. We are able to customize reports to include your company logo. We also offer your results via a data file that you can import into your ration or nutrient management software. Additionally, your reports can be uploaded online, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval. Our technological staff can help agricultural producers document trends by storing data in spreadsheet form, allowing for the data to be sorted by quality and analytic statistics.

All of our testing service results are available within 24 - 72 hours. Test results are distributed via fax, e-mail or conventional mail. Sample results are also available through our website and can be posted daily to a customer specific secure web page where reports can be downloaded and printed at your convenience. 

At Agri Analysis, we are always working to improve our methods and expand our testing capabilities.  We work hard to hear and meet the needs of our customers and appreciate any input on analytical services you would like to see available at our laboratory. If you are just learning about our laboratory and would like to learn more or if you are a current customer looking to improve or refine your testing, please contact us today. We are certain we will have a package available that suits your needs and budget.