AgriGator is a revolutionary new product developed to enhance soil structure. It is a liquid product containing a synthetic organic polyelectrolite, which when added to irrigation water acts as a binding agent preserving soil aggregates from the destructive forces of water. Tilled soils do not slake and crust as occurs under normal irrigation practices. Most importantly, AgriGator is food safe and leaves no toxic residue in the soil.

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Improving soil structure, by applying AgriGator to freshly prepared soil allows desired soil moisture levels to be achieved using less irrigation water. Porous soil also improves air and water penetration, which promotes stronger root growth and ultimately higher yields.

Stabilizing soil structure with one application of AgriGator per crop cycle will:

  • Increase water infiltration and retention
  • Increase aeration and drainage
  • Decrease water run-off
  • Prevent crusting and compaction
  • Stop erosion
  • Make friable soil that is easy to cultivate
  • Make soil workable sooner after rain or irrigation

These soil stabilizing features translate into:

  • Decreased irrigation water use
  • Earlier germination and crop maturity
  • Increased plant size and population
  • More vigorous plants with more extensive root systems
  • Greater response to fertilizers
  • Increased value from added organic matter
  • Less plant disease related to poor soil aeration
  • Decreased energy requirements for tillage
  • Enhance quality of produce
  • Increased crop yields