Agromass Biofuels Ltd.

Agromass Biofuels Ltd.

Agromass Biofuels specialise in project development in the newly emerging advanced 2nd generation Biofuel technologies. Advanced Biofuels can be produced from fermentation via anaerobic digestion or enzyme hydrolysis of lignocellulosic feedstocks and gasification of renewable and recycled carbonaceous materials including municipal solid waste (MSW), agricultural residues and dedicated energy crops. The company has acquired knowledge and expertise in adding value to C1-C5 alcohols through its proprietary thermocatalytic conversion technology to produce high value long-chain hydrocarbons including diesel and jet fuel.

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1st generation transport Biofuels - Biodiesel and Bioethanol - which are produced from vegetable oils, starch and sugar, are feedstocks that are in direct competition with food resources leading to rising prices and increasing demand for land to grow crops. This has lead to political issues about food price inflation, sustainability and perceived CO2 emissions savings due to land use change and deforestation. The resulting fuels produced from 1st generation technologies have technical disadvantages in fuel quality and heating value (combustion efficiency).

2nd generation transport Biofuels - by contrast are designed to utilise biomass feedstocks from non-food origins and recycled organic waste streams. These synthetic next generation future fuels will be produced from numerous types of solid Biomass, agricultural residues, various sources of biogas from anaerobic digestion and municipal solid waste (MSW) via the intermediate product, Synthesis Gas. Synthesis Gas is then further converted through various processing technologies into Bioalcohols, Biogasoline, Biodiesel and Biojet.