Agru Ireland Ltd. T/A Lining Tech

Agru Ireland Ltd. T/A Lining Tech

Lining Tech is a professional, highly experienced civil and environmental engineering contractor specialising in the provision of sustainable engineered geosynthetic solutions to our clients, nationally and internationally.

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Unit 1 Riverstown Ind. Estate , Tramore , Waterford Waterford Ireland
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Engineering service provider
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Internationally (various countries)


Welcome to Lining Tech

Lining Tech are a professional, dynamic, highly experienced engineering company specialising in providing sustainable engineered geosynthetic  containment solutions to a wide range of industries both nationally and internationally. Our dedicated team of professionals also provide project management, contracting and maintenance services to the environmental engineering industry.

We are a market leader in developing and providing sustainable engineering solutions to a vast range of industries. We are a specialist engineering service provider, providing geosynthetic containment solutions and associated services to industries including the landfill, agricultural, water/wastewater, chemical and mining industries. Our services are also provided for a wide range of applications in both the civil engineering sector and domestically including the provision of aesthetic water features.

We have established strong partner relationships with industry leading material manufactures in order to bring the right solution to each project. We utilize these partnerships to keep our processes and knowledge at the highest level across all applications, which allow us to assist our clients in making the correct material selection based on the best technology available. Our highly experience, professional staff have in excess of 30 years experience working in this specialist industry and can assess and advise our clients with regards to their requirements and the most cost efficient solution.

We have established a reputation for efficiency and excellence among our many clients who include local authorities, engineering consultants, civil engineering contractors, farmers, private companies and individuals. We pride ourselves on maximizing client value by combining innovative solutions with a ‘can-do’ attitude to tackle even the most difficult projects. Our management and field crews have an unparalleled level of experience and a commitment to excellence, quality and responsiveness that makes us the market leader.

Lining Tech provide engineered lining systems to a wide range of clients. Our clients range from multinational manufacturing organisations to private individuals. Our clients regularily include but are not limited to:

  • Local Authorities
  • Multinational Companies
  • Private Individuals
  • Private Landfill Operators
  • Farmers
  • Chemical Industry
  • Developers
  • Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Semi-state companies
  • Consulting Engineers

Our vast experience in providing engineered lining systems allows our engineering management team to provide the best advice and guidance to our clients with regards to the most cost effective, efficient solution to their needs. We have been providing lining services to our clients for over 20 years and have established a reputation for professionalism, excellent customer service and quality workmanship.

Here at Lining Tech, we recognize the environmental implications of our activities and we continually strive to ensure we operate in a manner to ensure a high standard of environmental care.

Our engineers and project managers have a responsibility to define and implement environmental arrangements with consideration of the following matters when they are procuring, planning and programming new projects.

Our management staff is charged with:

  • Promoting the development of improved standards and methods of construction including manufacturing processes that are energy conscious and utilise construction materials in an efficient manner
  • Ensure materials are handled and disposed of in a manner that does not damage the environment
  • Ensure the impact of the company’s operations on the environment is controlled in such a manner that the short and long term effects are reduced to an acceptable level
  • Promote and maintain close relationships with enforcing authorities and environmental organisations as appropriate.
  • Promote environmental awareness in their employees and other persons under their control

It is the policy of Lining Tech to ensure that the operations of the company are executed at all times in such a manner as to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the Safety, Health and Welfare at work of employees and all persons likely to be affected by their operations, including other contractors, clients staff and members of the public where appropriate.

Lining Tech are committed to the protecting our employees and property from accidental loss. In fulfilling this commitment we provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment in accordance with legislative requirements. The company will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in fire, security losses, and damage to property, personal injury or ill-health.  Accidental loss can be controlled through good management in combination with active employee involvement. To secure this, management will ensure that safety is fully considered in the concept, design, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment.

Our Company Safety Statement is revised as changes occur and evaluated annually. All employees are provided with appropriate training and supervision to enable them to perform their work in accordance with the established operating philosophy and procedures. A copy of the Safety Statement is available for inspection by all employees and a summary of each employee’s obligations is presented in the employee’s handbook. The overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with all current legal requirements for Safety, Health and Welfare at work rest with Mr. Barry Griffin, Managing Director. The allocations of responsibilities for safety within the Company and the arrangements and resources being deployed to implement this policy are set out in the Safety Statement.

We recognize the importance of quality assurance both on site and within our office. Due to the environmentally sensitive nature of much of our work we have implemented rigorous testing and certification procedures that are in line with the recommendations of the UKAS Accredited TWI (The Welding Institute) and the British Geomembrane Association. All start up tests, welds and destructive tests are recorded on our purpose designed triplicate books. Sub-grade acceptance forms and daily summary sheets are also completed in triplicate format.

Our Quality Manager has some 17 years experience working under ISO standards and has installed a Quality System in Lining Tech. This system has been in operation for over five years and our materials supplier is an ISO 9001 Quality Approved Manufacturer. All of our work is undertaken in accordance with European geomembrane standards for installation. Lining Tech is committed fully to continuously improving the service we offer to our clients.