A.Hak Industrial Services

A.Hak Industrial Services

At A.Hak Industrial Services (better known as HIS) we provide a complete range of services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries around the world. Through our Pipeline, Inspection, Storage Tank and Industrial service lines, we can assist you in every step of your plant operation – from design to end-of-life – to assure the best possible operation throughout your installation’s work cycle.

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Steenoven 2-6, 4196 HG Tricht, Postbus 151 , GELDERMALSEN , 4190 Netherlands

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Service provider
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000

A.Hakpark is a family of companies, offering total solutions for transport and distribution of oil, gas, water and electricity, data and telecommunications traffic, lighting and sustainable energy. Our companies are active, both on a national and an international level, in the field of engineering, construction, commissioning, management, inspection, maintenance, decommissioning and removal of underground and overhead pipeline and cable networks. Other activities that are implemented within our group include all types of drilling, well point drainage and the coating of pipes, as well as the installation of complete systems for thermal energy storage. Additionally, we produce installations, machinery, masts and portals. This bundling of forces allows A.Hakpark to serve entire chains in an efficient and cost-effective way.


A.Hakpark is an all-round family of companies. Our companies operate independently and each have their own activities and specialisms. However, there is a reason why they belong to our group. Their interrelations constitute an added value of A.Hakpark. When we join our forces, we are able to perform complex, multidisciplinary projects. A smooth cooperation with short lines of communication. Fast and flexible, cost effective and with an eye for quality.

Interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation
Below, we provide a few examples of the interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation between our companies. If the route of a pipeline that needs to be constructed includes a crossing with a river or motorway, A.Hak Leidingbouw relies on the assistance of A.Hak Drillcon, as Drillcon designs and executes all types of drillings. Conline-Rhemania can provide the pipeline which is being installed with a coating. When A.Hak Infranet installs a nitrogen pipeline, the prefab parts are welded together by Mechanical Contracting Limburg. Wireless telecom solutions of A.Hak Telecom are realised with transmission equipment that is integrated in the intelligent masts of Kaal Masten.


A.Hakpark is not only a family of companies but also a family company. This is reflected in the informal working atmosphere and in the way we deal with one another. At A.Hakpark, it’s not your title or position that counts, but your contribution to the team and the end result. Once you become a member of the family, it’s very likely that you will stay for a long period of time. Employees who celebrate their twenty-fifth jubilee are absolutely no exception. In fact, we frequently celebrate employment relationships of forty or fifty years.


Growth and development
The history of A.Hakpark is a story of continuous growth and development. It started as a transport company that became more and more involved in the transport of pipelines. In 1963, Arie Hak, the founder and name giver of the group, made the step to the installation of pipelines, which gave birth to the company Hak Pijpleidingen.

Development of expertise
The down-to-earth attitude and the reliable service of the company were soon widely acknowledged. In the beginning of the seventies, Hak Pijpleidingen received a strong boost when foreign contractors left the country and Dutch clients, such as Gasunie, started to award their contracts to Dutch companies. The expertise developed in this context was subsequently implemented both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Following the market demand
In the mid-eighties, the company, meanwhile operating under the name A.Hak, expanded its area of activities by cleverly anticipating the market demand. Besides pipelines, the company also installed cables. Throughout the Netherlands, we installed networks for electricity, CAI, telecommunications and data communications, as a sole contractor or in combination with utility companies. A.Hakpark has grown into its current size by continuing to anticipate this market demand. The design, the preparation, the construction and the management of underground and overhead cable, pipeline, data and telecommunications connections, as well as the associated installations and services don’t hold any secrets for us.

In the Netherlands
Our main office is located in Tricht, near Geldermalsen, and we have branches throughout the Netherlands.

Since 1975, A.Hakpark has also been active far beyond the boundaries of our country. Many leading projects for the transport of gas, water and oil are realised with our pipelines. We belong to the international top in the market for large pipelines.

Far beyond Europe
For A.Hakpark, the Middle East is an important area. We have branches in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, we are present in Germany, Romania, Poland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, the United Stated, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, but clients from Russia and the Far East can also rely on the expertise of A.Hakpark.

Local contributions
For all our foreign projects, we use local workforce whenever possible.