AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd.

AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd.

AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd.

AIC Agro Instruments Pvt. Ltd., founded in the year 1988, makes available to the research community in India superior quality instruments and equipment from all over the world in the area of agricultural soil and water management, hydrology, and civil engineering. We have among our customers - agricultural universities, colleges, research institutions, government agencies, and commercial agriculturists spread all over India. From our head quarters located in Kolkata the company serves its clients spread all over India, Nepal, Bhutan Bangladesh and other parts of Asia through a wide network of representatives. Through a network of over 65 agents located throughout South East Asia, AIC Agro Instruments has a strong marketing organisation in place. Our network of trained dealers provide marketing, installation, demonstration and after-sales-service to our clients.

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62/J/1, Maharaja Tagore Road , Kolkata , 700031 India
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In the year 1970 the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (the most reputed agricultural research institute of our country approached MR. R. S. PAUL, the founder of this company. The scientists persuaded him to take up manufacturing Tensiometers with the technology developed at IARI. Mr. Paul founded Agro Instruments Corporation (AIC) and started manufacturing Tensiometers, which found wide acceptance in the research community. Since inception AIC enjoyed the support and recognition of the agricultural research community. The company, under the able guidance of Mr. R. S. Paul and Mr. P. S. Pal, a Physics Graduate with Post Graduation in Business Administration, who joined him later, began specializing in the manufacture of equipment matching the requirements of the agricutura1 research scientists. AIC is recognized as Pioneer in India in the area of research equipment for soil and water management.

Since 1988 AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd. began promoting the products and interests of M/s. Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment BV of he Netherlands, in India. Through its efforts, AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd were soon able to establish their principal's brand name in he Indian market. Impressed with AIC’s performance and market standing M/s. Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment appointed AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd. as their exclusive agent in India. Since then, over the past twelve years, AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd has built a healthy business relationship with its principals and Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment has gained a strong foothold in the Indian market.


In the year 1987 Agro Instruments Corporation was converted into a Private Limited Company. Since then the company intensified its marketing efforts and decided to diversify into the plantation market in the private sector. Today, apart from serving the government recognized research centers, the company has made inroads into Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Cardamom, Grapes, Banana, Sugarcane, Sunflower, Chili, and Vanilla plantations. The company has also strengthened its product mix by extending its manufacturing range and has taken up the marketing agency of Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment BV (EAE) of the Netherlands in the year 1991. Since 1991 the company has maintained healthy business relationship with EAE and there is a strong bondage of mutual trust between AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd. and Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment BV of the Netherlands.

AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd’s market standing is such that it is recognized by every agricultural research institute in India Whenever and where-ever in India there is a requirement for an equipment for soil physics, water management plant physiology, agronomy and agro-meteorology, AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd. is contacted.

To service our customers the company employs experienced technical personnel. The company also recognizes about 50 resellers/sales agents spread throughout India who help the company with up-to-date market information and provide prompt pre and post sales service support to business prospects and customers.

For rendering after-sales-service the company maintains a team of trained technicians.


The demand for water for irrigation and drinking is ever increasing because of rising population. Storing, diverting, conserving, and managing usable water resources efficiently can meet the demand. Indian farmers today have to produce 235 million tones of grains to feed 1000 million people. On current reckoning, the increase will be about 24% over the existing production, which means a 5% annual increase over the next five years. The allotment of available water for irrigation will go down from the present level of 90% to 75-80% over the next 10-15 years. Adopting efficient soil and water management can augment water supply. Land under irrigation increased from 22 million hectares in 1951 to 85 million hectares in 1990 and it will touch the maximum feasible area of 113 million hectares in 2005 . The method of irrigation is the same, but now the farmers are aware of water scarcity. The need for scientific water management will increase manifold. In view of the emerging opportunities AIC Agro Instruments (P) Ltd is planning to establish themselves as the single largest source of equipment for soil and water management in India, by making available the widest range of superior quality research equipment on soil and water management by representing the leading companies of the world specializing in this line.