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  • Customers Services

    Customers Services

    Uncompromising customer support is the top priority at Air Comm Corporation. We are dedicated to the delivery of outstanding service, and maintain a highly trained service/support department for all customer needs and inquiries. ACC service technicians are available for system installation questions, troubleshooting and any other technical assistance that may be required. We travel worldwide for first article installation support and to provide...

  • Training & Maintenance

    Training & Maintenance

    While ACC systems are extremely reliable, we recognize that eventually our heater and air conditioner systems will need maintenance. When that time comes, timely support is critical. Air Comm personnel have traveled worldwide assisting and support our customers - often at a moments’ notice. We provide everything from turn-key field installations, to on-site maintenance personnel training. When you buy an Air Comm system, we...

  • Testing Services

    Testing Services

    Air Comm operates environmental test lab facilities to facilitate the design of efficient environmental control systems , thermal and air management equipment, including blowers, motors, and valves to insure that customer specifications are precisely met, the facilities are capable of testing a variety of air conditioning technologies, including split-systems, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps, compressor optimization, water cooled...

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    Air Comm Engineering Leads the Industry; As the premier leader in aviation heating and cooling systems, Air Comm’s technical staff is comprised of aerospace, mechanical, structural, electronic and software engineers who each bring a unique set of talents and expertise in order to develop state of the art systems for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. To ensure ACC meets all required certification compliance regulations, ACC employs a full-time...

  • Testing Capabilities Services

    Testing Capabilities Services

    Located in Boulder, Colorado the ACC test facility has the capability to perform certification testing to meet DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 standards. The combination of EMC, Temperature/Humidity, Vibration, and Psychrometric performance capabilities allows ACC to quickly develop systems and components that are reliable and robust, with demonstrated endurance and performances ensuring the customer’s specifications are precisely met.