Air Cycle Corporation is a sustainable solutions and technologies company. We believe that people want innovative tools and services that are easy to use, improve results, save money, and are environmentally protective. Air Cycle is committed to developing those tools and services in order to help people, protect our environment, and create opportunity for our team and partners.

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2200 Ogden Avenue, Suite 100 , Lisle , IL 60532 USA

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Nationally (across the country)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Air Cycle Corporation is an innovative leader in the recycling industry that provides solutions for fluorescent bulb, battery, ballast, and electronic waste disposal.

At Air Cycle, our products, services, and resources are all geared toward helping you select the best recycling solution for your facility. We provide our customers with up to date information on recycling and proper disposal legislation to help you stay 100% compliant with federal and state regulations.

Where did it all begin?

Air Cycle Corporation was founded in 1978 and is currently based in the Chicago metropolitan area. While Air Cycle currently offers a wide range of recycling services throughout the United States, we pride ourselves on our ability to engineer innovative products to help our customers. Through the years, Air Cycle Corporation has manufactured a variety of products. Products include 'Automatic Air Balance System' control panels for McDonald's restaurants (found in over 3000 locations), electronic lamp ballasts for specialty markets, and advanced coffee dispensing machines. Air Cycle has always provided quality products to meet customer needs.

Through our involvement in the lighting industry, we saw a need for equipment to make packaging spent lamps easy and efficient. As legislation was being passed to reduce pollution from irresponsible lamp disposal, Air Cycle Corporation worked to design a machine to meet the needs of facilities worldwide and recycle lamps. On March 15, 1999, our Model 55 VRS Bulb Eater® was introduced at the National Plant Engineering Trade Show. At this show, our Bulb Eater®, was named one of the 17 'Show Stoppers' out of over 700 exhibitors! Based on this initial success and the attention garnered through a front page acknowledgement by the Wall Street Journal, we then focused our energies on developing a national network of recycling facilities to service our growing customer base. That network has expanded over the years and currently provides logistics and recycling services for crushed and/or intact lamps, batteries, ballasts, and computer hardware to thousands of facilities nationwide.

We then created in 2006 as an alternative recycling solution for our customers who want to store a minimum amount of waste on-site to recycle lamps. We developed the EasyPak pre-paid recycling containers to ship out small quantities of intact lamps, batteries, ballasts, and computer hardware. All containers are UN Certified for safe storage and transport, have poly bag liners for safety, and come with full instructions with illustrations for ease of use. By creating an account on, customers also have access to live visual reporting, Certificates of Recycling 24/7, and can start a Sustainable program to automatically be sent replacement containers once their filled EasyPak containers are returned.

With over 6,000 Bulb Eaters in use and over 115,000 EasyPak containers successfully shipped, we have the experience and know how to make customers happy. For more information on what Air Cycle can offer you, view our Products and Recycling Services pages.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that benefit our clients, contribute to environmental and social improvement, and create opportunity for our team.

At Air Cycle, we are committed to putting our values into practice every day. These values define who we are and aspire to be, and the way we engage our customers, partners, and colleagues. Air Cycle is shaped by seven core values:

Customer Care

We put the needs of our customers ahead of our own, and meet them with hustle and a can-do attitude. Our goal for our solutions and service is the complete satisfaction of every customer.

Environmental Stewardship

We strive to care for our environment and enable others to do the same by providing value-generating and easy-to-use recycling solutions.


We constantly improve our solutions and customer care through innovation to make recycling simple and cost-effective for our customers, and to create opportunity for our partners and team.

Quality and Value

We design and deliver recycling solutions at the highest standards of reliability, ease-of-use, and customer care that create efficiency and value for our customers’ businesses.


We develop long-term collaborative relationships with customers, partners and colleagues by communicating with clarity, respect, and humility to meet our mutual goals.


We instill confidence in customers and partners based on our knowledge of providing recycling solutions, continual education of ourselves and our stakeholders about recycling, and record of creating success for our clients.


We build trust by being upfront with our stakeholders, inviting accountability from them for our work, and delivering on our promises.