This is the new, fourth edition of the book on dispersion modeling of continuous, buoyant air pollution plumes which takes nothing for granted. Every equation is completely derived step-by-step without any complicated or advanced mathematics. Every constraint and assumption is fully explained. A set of self-study exercises is also included with the book. The subjects covered in the book include atmospheric turbulence and stability classes, buoyant plume rise, Gaussian dispersion calculations and modeling, time-averaged concentrations, wind velocity profiles, fumigations, trapped plumes, flare stack plumes and much more ... with a great many example calculations. The book has been very widely referenced and cited in the technical literature and on the Internet.

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Milton R. Beychok is a retired chemical engineer currently living in Newport Beach, California, USA. His professional career included 20 years with the Fluor Engineering and Construction Corporation managing the process design and commissioning of petroleum refineries as well as natural gas processing plants and petrochemical plants.

That was then followed by somewhat more than 25 years of independent consulting, primarily in the fields of environmental technology and design.

He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a long-time Fellow member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Other books and major reports:

  • Aqueous Wastes From Petroleum And Petrochemical Plants, John Wiley & Sons, New York and London, 1967, LCN 67019834
  • Process And Environmental Technology For Producing SNG And Liquid Fuels, EPA/2-75-011, United States Environmental Protection Agency, May 1975
  • Comparative Economics Of Advanced Regenerable Flue Gas Desulfurization Processes, EPRI CS-1381, Electric Power Research Institute, March 1980

Other representative publications:

  • 'A Data Base of Dioxin and Furan Emissions From Municipal Refuse Incinerators',Atmospheric Environment, January 1987
  • 'Coal Gasification and the Phenosolvan Process', American Chemical Society 168th National Meeting, Atlantic City, September 1974
  • 'Coping with SO2',Chemical Engineering, October 21, 1974