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  • Pure Gases

    Pure Gases

    Specialty Pure Gases - We are one of the world's largest producers of pure gases. Because we produce most of these pure gases ourselves, we closely control the consistency and quality of each product. Our customers can be sure of getting the best quality possible for every pure gas we deliver.

  • Gas Mixtures

    Gas Mixtures

    The Air Liquide portfolio of SCOTT specialty gases redefines gas mixture versatility for a cost-effective solution to any application requirement. Each SCOTT class has unique characteristics and subsequent performance specifications. Choose among dual-analyzed, dual-certified and single-certified standards. For unique applications, we offer custom standards that can be tailored to nearly any application parameters imaginable. Original, unique Scott...

  • Model SCOTTY™ - Brand Transportables

    Model SCOTTY™ - Brand Transportables

    Convenient, Cost-Effective Calibration Gases, SCOTTY Transportables provide ultra-pure and high-accuracy calibration gases in a wide variety of nonreturnable cylinder sizes and volumes. High reliability and convenient size make them a cost-effective alternative to returnable, high-pressure cylinders whenever portability or limited gas quantities are needed. The nonrefillable, nonreturnable design of SCOTTY gas cylinders provides substantial cost...

  • Gas Handling Equipment

    Gas Handling Equipment

    Preserving gas integrity and safety with SCOTT Gas Handling Equipment, If you use compressed specialty gas, you need reliable equipment to deliver it from source to point-of-use. Choosing the wrong gas distribution equipment can not only adversely affect your application, it can also pose a serious safety hazard. We can help you optimize your application by recommending and providing gas handling equipment that will preserve gas purity and integrity,...