Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers Association (APCEMA)

Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers Association (APCEMA)

The Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia is the national body representing the interests of companies involved in the dust and fume control industry. APCEMA was formed in May 1987 with the primary purpose of providing a technical expertise resource for governments and industry and enhancing the skills of designers, users and specifiers of air pollution control equipment. APCEMA is backed by the full resources of the Australian Industry Group, Australia`s largest industry employer association. Its membership includes leading manufacturers and suppliers of process and environmental air filtration and associated hardware.

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51 Walker Street Nth. , Sydney , NSW 2060 Australia
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Professional association
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Air Pollution Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)
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APCEMA mission statement

As the sole representative of manufacturers of air pollution control equipment and associated components, APCEMA seeks to advance the interests of its members by raising the public perception of the industry. This will be achieved by education courses, high ethical standards, representations, to governments and the like, while providing for social and technical interchange.


  • To enhance public awareness and perception of the Air Pollution Control Industry and its positive contribution to Primary and Manufacturing businesses through active promotion of the Association's objectives, activities and membership resources.
  • To encourage sound technical standards and ethical commercial and trade practices amongst its members.
  • To make representations or submissions on behalf of members to governments, statutory authorities and other organisations on any matter which may affect the interests of the industry.
  • To enhance the skills levels of designers, users and specifiers through the development and implementations of training courses, contribution to other education programs, communication and the like.
  • To provide a technical expertise resource on air pollution matters for governments, industry, standards creations and the community in general.
  • To increase members awareness of issues relating to the industry by:
    • inviting specialist speakers to Association meetings
    • affiliation with similar industry bodies internationally
    • collecting and disseminating relevant information
  • To encourage membership of the Association by providing a worthwhile forum for social and technical interchange and through the fulfillment of the Association's objectives.

Code of ethics

Members observe a business Code Of Ethics whereby companies recognise that in all circumstances they shall:

  1. Act so as to uphold and enhance the honour, objectives, integrity and dignity of the Association.
  2. Strive to provide equipment and service of the highest professional standard.
  3. Build their professional reputation on merit and not resort to unfair tactics and statements directed at any competitors and fellow members.
  4. Fulfill an undertaking given to a client.
  5. Deal with clients in a fair and honourable manner and encourage them to deal with members in the same fashion.

APCEMA member companies are leading organisations providing advanced process and environmental filtration products and services to Australian and world industries. This capability is supported by established international resources, a commitment to quality, as well as a commitment to applying state of the art technology developed on the basis of wide experience, investment in training and in personnel development. All members are bound by a constitution to to provide quality products and services to industry and comply with a business code of ethics.

Key industry sectors serviced by APCEMA members include:

  • manufacturing
  • mining and mineral processing
  • cement manufacturing
  • sugar refining
  • power generation
  • pulp and paper
  • food processing
  • chemical process industry

Many members are utilising their expertise and experience in neighbouring countries, thus playing an important role in industrial pollution control in South East Asia and the Pacific.

With this background, APCEMA members are poised to play an even larger role as industrial and urban development increases the global requirements for innovative and cost effective air pollution control technologies.

APCEMA provides three categories of membership and works closely with the Australian Industry Group to expand the range of services on offer to members, Membership categories are: full membership for dust and fume control equipment manufacturers and service providers; corporate membership for public sector agencies/utilities, educational institutions and research organisations and; student membership.

Education and training

The Association works closely with members to provide training within the industry and to enhance the skills of designers, users and specifiers of dust and fume control equipment. It achieves this through the following avenues:

  • Technical seminars
  • Educational guest speakers
  • Industry meetings
  • Contribution to other educational programs, communication and the like.

APCEMA has been particularly active in conducting technical seminars and conferences throughout Australia and overseas. In 1996, the Association received Federal Government funding support to hold a seminar in Jakarta for the purpose of developing a greater understanding in the Region of Australian environmental expertise and cost effective technologies for controlling air emissions.

The seminars continue to play a key role in providing education to equipment users and building the reputation of APCEMA and its member companies in key markets.

Industry Capability Directory for effective member promotion

With support from the Federal Government, APCEMA has produced an industry capability directory, comprising details of the products and services of all APCEMA members, full contact details, information on domestic and overseas market activities, and examples of major project involvement. This Directory is given wide circulation to relevant Government Departments, Environment organisations, and to date, almost 500 industry participants at Dust and Fume Control seminars held over the past three years. Members regard this Directory as a valuable marketing tool and a key membership benefit.

Linkage to powerful environmental policy group

APCEMA, through its affiliation with the Australian Industry Group, has a direct linkage to the skills and expertise of Australia's largest employer body, who are recognised for their strong policy leadership role in all environmental issues.

APCEMA utilises this linkage to help drive its policy positions and to provide input to the Australian Industry Group's decision making process. APCEMA is actively involved in a leading industry working party on environmental policy, legislation and action which is convened by the Australian Industry Group. APCEMA members have also been appointed to represent the Australian Industry Group on statutory Government panels.

APCEMA web site expands communication with customers

APCEMA's web site acts to further promote and enhance the image of the Association and its members. The web site is particularly effective for APCEMA in delivering information; supporting industry; obtaining feedback from industry, promoting training programs and other industry initiatives and; directing business to member companies. The web site features up to date links to individual member pages and other relevant web sites and internet search engines are used with intensive hidden HTML coding to attract the maximum audience.


The promotion of members is one of the main objectives APCEMA and in recent years various initiatives have been pursued to enhance the image of the Association and increase the exposure of members. These include:

  • APCEMA web site
  • Annual Capability Directory of Members
  • Trade Displays
  • Membership certifying statement for use in tendering
  • Advertising in trade journals

Member Briefings and Networking Opportunities

Meetings of APCEMA members are held every second month for the purpose of providing a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the industry. Specialist speakers are invited to attend these meetings to brief members on a range of environmental, legislative and business management issues. Site visits to member companies, environmental research organisations and power stations have also been a feature of our meeting program in recent years.

The APCEMA meetings are valued highly by member companies as means of obtaining useful industry and business management information, and because of the opportunities they provide for both social and technical interchange. This has fostered a sense of unity among members and with that a high level of camaraderie.

Strong Membership

Membership of the Association is strong and continues to grow. All members are bound by a constitution to provide quality products and services to industry, and undertake to strictly observe and comply with a business code of ethics. A statement certifying membership and observance to the code of ethics is issued to all members for use in tendering and business generally.

APCEMA has also established strong and well developed linkages with the Department of the Environment (Federal and State Governments), the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO), the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the United States Insitute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC).

APCEMA openly encourages new membership in the belief that we have a lot to offer in formally representing the industry. Our full membership fees are set at the fixed rate of $550 per annum, a level which we believe will offer you value for money.