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Air0 Ltd

Air0 was found in 2013. After extensive research & development, based on decades of knowledge and experience, Air0 has managed to perfect the smAIRt technology. It combines the best of the traditional air cleaning technologies, mechanical and electrical filtration, and it does it in a unique and smart way. The end result is an air purifier which provides exactly what it was designed to accomplish – purest possible indoor air for the whole room. We are continuously looking for new sales and distribution partners around the world. If you are or your company is passionate about air purification and you want to offer the best indoor air quality.

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Otakaari 5 , Espoo , 02150 Finland
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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)

We at Air0 are truly passionate about air purification. Coming from Finland, the country with the cleanest air in the world*, we believe that everyone should have the chance to breathe clean air.

* WHO 2018

Unfortunately, citizens in many countries are exposed to polluted air which directly affects their health and wellbeing. According to WHO, each year millions of people die as a result of being exposed to bad air quality. And even more shockingly, WHO has stated that 9 out of every 10 people in the world breathe polluted air.**

In the 1970’s, Finland also had a severe air quality problem due to pollution from fossil fuel burning. At that time, the Finnish government decided to set up two research groups dedicated to particle research. As a result, despite today having the cleanest air in the world, Finland is also the world leader in particle research.

One of our founders, Mr. Markku Rajala, had the privilege of being part of these programs. Combined with the vast knowledge about particles and technology that the rest of the team has, which all together is way beyond 100 years, we are confident in saying that we are extreme professionals in what we do.

Air0 was found to solve a problem

Before Air0, Mr. Rajala was involved in the indoor air industry in the Asian market. While spending time there, it became obvious that there was a serious air quality problem and when talking to people, it was clear that they were desperately searching for a solution. They wanted an air purifier that would actually work, one that would actually clean the whole room.

Mr. Rajala explored the range of air purifiers in the market. What he found out was that due to technological restrictions, purifiers were not capable of high enough airflow, severely limiting their effectiveness. As a result, many premises were using multiple purifiers to cover one room, which meant not only high noise levels but also high maintenance and electricity costs. He could see that there clearly was a need for an air purifier that was capable of producing large amounts of pure air, while being silent and requiring little maintenance.