AirSource Technologies, Inc.

AirSource Technologies, Inc.

AirSource Technologies is an emissions testing company based in Kansas City, Kansas. We have been testing air quality in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Iowa for more than 20 years. Our scientists have become well known for their knowledge of compliance and investigative testing methods, their efficient work habits and their ability to adapt to virtually any test scenario. AirSource’s word-of-mouth referrals have sent us all over the globe to test air pollution, including more than 30 states, Switzerland and even South Korea.

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20505 W. 67th Street , Shawnee , Kansas 66218 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Air Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

AirSource Technologies was formed in 1990 in response to the emerging market for compliance and investigative emission measurement services triggered by the Clean Air Act and its subsequent amendments.

George Cobb, then a seventeen-year emission measurement professional, was recruited to organize the company. He was previously with the Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City, a prominent EPA contractor, where he was heavily involved in the development and implementation of many of the air testing methods in use today.

Hazardous waste incineration is an area of particular expertise among our personnel and we have conducted some thirty major RCRA and Comprehensive Performance Test (CPT) Trial Burns in recent years.

AirSource Technologies served a relatively small regional client base in its early years. However, having developed a reputation for competence with a number of technically complex methodologies and emission sources, word-of-mouth referrals have further enhanced the company’s reputation on an international basis. That word-of-mouth has sent us all over the globe, including more than 30 states, Switzerland and even South Korea.

AirSource Technologies has provided services since 1990 to many industries. Below are a few examples.

Aluminum Industry: Performed a range of test measurements required by the promulgation of the Secondary Aluminum MACT standards. Testing included measurements of Hazardous Air Pollutants for establishing Area vs. Major Source Determinations, as well as dioxin/furan compounds associated with chlorine emissions from fluxing operations.

Cement Industry : Performed RCRA Trial Burn and Comprehensive Performance Test Programs for multiple kilns firing hazardous waste fuels.

Charcoal Production And Briquetting Industry: Provided technical direction and field-testing services. Led negotiations with EPA to develop test methodologies for this difficult sample matrix. Testing included VOCs, PM10, and priority pollutant gases.

Chemical Manufacturing Industry: Conducted Trial Burn testing and waste feed sampling of incinerators receiving gaseous, solid, and liquid waste streams.

Filter Manufacturing Industry: Testing included total particulate, PM10, total hydrocarbons, and speciation of potential Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) by on-site extractive FTIR.

Hard Chrome Plating Industry: Conducted inlet/outlet testing of two wet scrubbers treating emissions from a battery of hard chrome plating circuits, employing Method 306 to optimize test precision for determining total chromium

Hazardous Waste Handling Industry: Conducted on-site GC speciation of VOC constituents by Method 18 collecting samples continuously around-the-clock in large vacuum canisters in order to demonstrate compliance control of a VOC recovery/afterburner installation

Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing: Provided compliance test services specifically targeting lead emissions for one of the largest automobile battery manufacturing facilities in the nation.

Lime Manufacturing Industry: Evaluated the effects of kiln/scrubber operating conditions on particulate and gaseous emissions. Used proprietary techniques to provide real-time particulate results. Integrated test data with process data to develop meaningful correlative information.

Limestone And Cement Production Industry: Conducted a facility-wide evaluation and NSPS performance test program of a major limestone and portland cement production facility.

Infectious Waste Industry: Provided annual testing for metals, particulate, HCl, dioxins/furans, and typical continuous emission monitoring constituents.

Motorcycle Manufacturing Industry: Conducted a VOC abatement system compliance demonstration

Utility Industry: Performed NOx testing for a newly constructed power generating facility at a Midwestern municipality.

Power Generation Industry: Conducted detailed measurements of volumetric flow, oxygen, and carbon dioxide levels in huge main ducts in the Economizer Outlet, Air Heater Inlet, and Exhaust Stack locations in order to evaluate overall plant and control system performance

Sewage Treatment Industry: Provided Incinerator Performance Testing Services and Relative Accuracy Testing of a Continuous Emission Monitoring system associated with sewage sludge incinerator.

Steel Industry: Conducted particulate testing and continuous emission monitoring of a rod mill exhaust stack. In addition, testing was performed to determine emissions associated with a slow cooling pen associated with ball mill production.

Also conducted an APC system flow study involving simultaneous flow traversing and data recording associated with a network of massive main ducts.