Airx Laboratories

Airx Laboratories

Airx Laboratories have been solving odor problems for over 28 years in hospitals, schools, office buildings and municipal facilities. For the odor control in waste disposal, Airx Laboratories offers the RX66 Bio-Enzymatic Odor Digester. Live, yet safe bacteria produce enzymes to digest odor causing matter.

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1640 Delmar Drive, , Folcroft , PA 19032 USA
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Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

The Industry Leader In Advanced Odor Control
Custom Tailored Odor Solutions For A Healthy & Clean Environment
Airx Laboratories brings outstanding products and procedures to enable you to properly and effectively clean, disinfect and maintain a hygienic environment. This will save your business thousands and thousands of dollars in operating expenses. Not just some nice smelling mixture of essential oils, Airx covers your complete healthy building maintenance needs while providing modern, class-leading odor control technology.

Airx Started With The Help Of A Worldwide Authority
Today there’s a great deal more known about the sense of smell, with the foremost research in the world being done at leading universities close to our plant in the Philadelphia area.They have led us to a chemical complex we call AIRICIDE®, that is much more than a “mask” and is part of every Airx formula.

How Does Airicide Work ?
In simplified terms, odors float in the air as molecules. When breathed in, these molecules reach the nasal cavity containing thousands of hair-like antennae called cilia that receive these molecules and trigger impulses to the brain identifying the smell. Airicide® links with the foul odor & changes the shape of the molecule so it is no longer perceived as a foul odor. Airicide® is in every Airx product.

Airx  Laboratories offers an entire suite of products to provide multiple options to dealing with a particular odor problem. By breaking the odor problem down into 3 dimensions we can make sure we target the source of the odor problem and eliminate it. Click the button above to view our products and find the correct odor solution.