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A.J. Antunes & Co.

A.J. Antunes & Co. is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of foodservice equipment, water filtration technologies, and controls with three divisions: ROUNDUP, VIZION and Antunes Controls. For over 55 years, we`ve proudly manufactured quality products meeting the highest standards. While A.J. Antunes & Co. (AJA) has a global reputation for product excellence, we continually search for and develop new solutions to benefit our customers as we focus on the ideal that we exist to make our customers successful. One way to assure our customers are successful today as well as in the future is through sustainability.

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180 Kehoe Boulevard , Carol Stream , Illinois 60188 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Internationally (various countries)

Family owned. Family operated. That's more than a statement about the corporate structure at A.J. Antunes & Co. It's a statement about how we run our business. For more than 55 years, we have instilled strong values and beliefs into our everyday operations. We feel integrity, people, excellence, and passion are vital to our success and yours. Our three brands—ROUNDUP countertop foodservice equipment, VIZION™ water treatment systems, and Antunes Controls pressure switches and electronic controls—have a global reputation built on quality and trust because we are continuously motivated by one simple truth: We exist to make you successful.

A.J. Antunes & Co.
A.J. Antunes & Co. has been headquartered in the Chicago area since our company was first created in 1955. Our founder, August Antunes, started as a manufacturer's representative, but his passion for making his customers successful led him to manufacture his own products, including pressure switches and foodservice equipment. As our company grew, so did our needs. We started out with just one location but quickly expanded into five separate buildings. In 1999, we moved into a new facility in Carol Stream, Illinois, with enough space for all three of our product divisions and future expansion.

Antunes Equipment Manufacturing (Suzhou) Ltd.
A.J. Antunes & Co. set up its first overseas manufacturing operation in 2003. Because of our company's expansion internationally and the need for improved service in the growing Asian markets, we built a facility in Suzhou, China, the country's second-largest industrial city. The Suzhou operation started with just eight employees and two production lines, but it quickly became an asset for sales and service in Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim, expanding to 15 production lines and all three divisions of A.J. Antunes & Co. In 2011, we moved our operation to a larger facility in Suzhou to accomodate our continued international growth. With 43,000 square feet (4,000 square meters), this new facility allows us to continue to supply with our customers in the Asian market with the service they expect from A.J. Antunes & Co.

A.J. Antunes & Co. has built a global reputation for excellence because of our unwavering dedication to providing customers with high-quality business solutions. Our diverse product line helps customers do business in a variety of different industries.

Each piece of equipment offered by our three divisions is manufactured to the strictest quality standards and supported in the field by our expert team of technicians. Our customers continually choose our products because they deliver consistent and accurate results time after time.

Though A.J. Antunes & Co. offers a wide range of products within each division, many times our customers require a unit that addresses a specific set of requirements. In these instances, our experienced team of engineers regularly works with customers to develop a solution that meets their needs.

In 2015, A.J. Antunes & Co. is celebrating its 60th anniversary! While many things have changed since our founder Augie J. Antunes first started as a manufacturers’ representative, one thing remains the same: our commitment to the ideal we exist to make our customers successful. This thought drove Augie during the formative years of A.J. Antunes & Co., and it continues to inspire us to this day.

The beginning of A.J. Antunes & Co. can be traced back to 1955, when Augie was introduced to Jack Smith. The two of them then began working together in the manufacturers’ representative business.

In 1962, a newly passed regulation required all industrial ovens to sense air flow or gas pressure and turn off when minimum levels were not met. No such product existed, which left many of the companies Augie represented desperate for a solution. Augie immediately recognized the opportunity and began developing a specialized switch to help companies succeed in meeting the new safety requirement. These new switches, which were the very first product manufactured by A.J. Antunes & Co., became an overnight success. With only slight modifications, these air flow and gas pressure switches are still being manufactured in our Antunes Controls division.

In the mid-1960's, Augie branched out into the foodservice industry. Augie already represented a company’s industrial line of products, and when that company lost its foodservice representative, Augie stepped in. Soon after, he had an idea for a circular hot dog grill. Though all the manufacturers he represented rejected the concept as impractical, Augie’s commitment was unwavering. So he manufactured the product himself. Because the hot dogs circled like horses in a roundup, the hot dog grill was named ROUNDUP, which grew into the brand under which all of our foodservice equipment was marketed.

In 1974, Augie dropped the last manufacturing line the company represented to concentrate fully on A.J. Antunes & Co.’s expanding manufacturing business. Shortly thereafter, A.J. Antunes & Co. began building equipment for some of the largest chains in the quick-service industry while expanding its product line to include toasters, steamers, display cabinets, and other countertop foodservice equipment.

In the late 1970's, with the foodservice line of equipment growing, the company was buying numerous electronic controls from outside vendors. Rather than continuing with this process, Augie created an electronics division within A.J. Antunes & Co. to develop controls for our restaurant equipment as well as for other manufacturers. It still operates today under the Antunes Controls and provides the electrical controls for all the equipment we build.

By 1998, A.J. Antunes & Co. had grown to the point where business took place in five separate buildings. We decided it was best to move into one facility and found a home in Carol Stream, Illinois, where our headquarters is today.

In 2000, A.J. Antunes & Co. once again broadened its product lines to include water filtration. It began with a potential customer looking for an electronic control. A business relationship developed, and we eventually partnered with the company to not only develop the control, but also to manufacture, sell, and distribute a revolutionary technology in water filtration – multi-bore ultra filtration systems that are now marketed under the VIZION brand name.

With a worldwide demand for its various products, A.J. Antunes & Co. opened a facility in Suzhou, China in August of 2003. The facility manufactures equipment for all three of the company's divisions for the Asian market. The Suzhou facility has been critical to establishing A.J. Antunes & Co. in the Asian market, and its continued growth created a need for a larger facility, which the operation moved into in 2011.

Today A.J. Antunes & Co. remains focused on the ideal that started this company—we exist to make our customers successful. It's become our company’s purpose statement.  It’s the driving force behind all three of our divisions. Antunes Controls develops custom controls and pressure switches for businesses and OEM clients. ROUNDUP develops custom foodservice equipment for some of the biggest chains throughout the world. VIZION always explores new ways to deliver better water solutions to the foodservice and residential markets.

At A.J. Antunes & Co., we invest in our company, our team members and our partners to ensure our continued success.  Because we are a family owned company, we do not have to focus on short-term gains for shareholders at the expense of long-term strategies. We continually look at the big picture by focusing on five core values and beliefs.
  1. Integrity – We keep our word. We are ethical. We hold ourselves to a single high standard of integrity in everything we do.
  2. People – We respect and trust each other. We value the diversity of our workforce. We invest in our team members. We believe in the worth of every individual and that the future of our company is dependent on these team members.
  3. Excellence – We continually pursue excellence. We expect every solution, product and service that we provide to consistently exceed the customers’ expectations. We are accountable.
  4. Passion – We are passionate about building an enduring great company. By doing so, we serve all of our customers, team members, suppliers and the societies we touch.
  5. Family – We are a privately held company that prides itself on being family owned and operated. We intend to stay that way.

Our ideals about family stem from our founder, August J. Antunes. He brought his wife, Virginia, into the company to work alongside him, which created a family atmosphere that still exists today. The family mentality supports our belief of the importance of people and working together as a team. We also empower our team members to make decisions in order to make our customers successful. Our team members are passionate, have the highest degree of integrity and strive for excellence.

All this is done to achieve the purpose that was inspired by Augie Antunes himself. Above all else, he knew that customer success equated to the success of the company. With the wisdom of Augie instilled in our employees today, our Purpose Statement was officially established: We exist to make our customers successful.