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  • Containers

  • AJK - Open Containers

    AJK - Open Containers

    Our open containers are suitable for all-round usage at construction sites, recycling centres, etc. Available in sizes from 5 to 40 m3 and containers from 10m³ up to 40m³ are always available in stock!

  • AJK - Closed Containers

    AJK - Closed Containers

    Primarily installed in recycling centres and construction sites to prevent illegal dumping, theft, litter, etc.

  • Container Systems

  • AJK - Hook Arm System

    AJK - Hook Arm System

    With a container system you can store and dispose containers in a simple way. A hooklift system from AJK can be built on a two-, three- and four-axle chassis. The construction of an AJK hooklift system can be carried out in our own workshop. We also work together with an extensive dealer network.

  • AJK - Skip Loader System

    AJK - Skip Loader System

    You can opt for a portal system if the container is only to be put on and off horizontally. This is the case, for example, when sludge, scrap, construction or demolition waste is being transported. In addition, these container systems are often used in the city because they require less space than a container hook system.The construction of an AJK skip loader system can be carried out in our own...

  • Self-Pressing Containers

  • AJK - Stamp Presses

    AJK - Stamp Presses

    These are the standard waste presses that are suitable for both small and large quantities of industrial waste, residual waste, foil, resilient material, etc. Depending on the available space and the fraction, you can choose from our types F, N, L and E.

  • AJK - Swing Presses

    AJK - Swing Presses

    This waste press is specially designed for compacting wet waste, in which there is also a possibility of draining moisture.

  • Tippers

  • AJK - Tipper Trailers

    AJK - Tipper Trailers

    The multi-purpose tipper trailers from AJK are especially suitable for earthmoving, demolition and earthworks and asphalt and waste transport ... Also controlled tipper trailers, whether or not insulated, belong to the range. A lot of options are possible, this can best be viewed per project, truck and work purpose.

  • Soil Dumpers

  • AJK - Soil Dumpers

    AJK - Soil Dumpers

    Our soil dumpers with robust tipper are removable so that the chassis can also be used for other applications.

  • Specials

  • AJK - Pusher

    AJK - Pusher

    AJK has developed a pusher that pushes the material out of the tipper body instead of hitting the tipper body. This pusher is suitable for off-road use on an inclined slope and removes its contents (up to 55 tons) in just 30 seconds. You can have the pusher unloaded in places where another tipper can not, because he does not...