Alamo Analytical Laboratories, LTD

Alamo Analytical Laboratories, LTD

Alamo Analytical Laboratories, LTD

Alamo Analytical Labs is a full service environmental analytical laboratory with over 25 years of experience offering a wide range of testing for site assessment, and remediation. A commitment to quality has been the hallmark of Alamo Analytical Labs work throughout its history.

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10526 Gulfdale , San Antonio , Texas 78216 USA
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Alamo Analytical Labs (Doing business as Chemron since 1980) delivers environmental solutions to the City of San Antonio companies and government agencies.

Alamo Analytical Labs provides nationwide High Quality, Quick Turnaround, Cost-effective Environmental Analytical Services.

Alamo Analytical Labs is a Women Owned small business enterprise headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Quality is our top concern and is illustrated by our achievements in performance evaluation (P.E.) studies. Alamo Analytical Labs participates in several different performance evaluation studies and routinely receives scores that rank Alamo Analytical Labs at the top of
these programs.

This commitment to quality, combined with over twenty five years of experience in the environmental industry ensures that Alamo Analytical Labs is both a highly qualified and stable choice for your analytical services.