A.Lanfranco & Associates Inc.

A.Lanfranco & Associates Inc.

A.Lanfranco & Associates Inc. is an energetic environmental consulting firm specializing in air pollution sciences. The company was formed in 1983 based on over ten years of previous experience. The firm`s primary emphasis is in the provision of emissions monitoring, although routinely active in special waste studies, industrial hygiene, and ambient air monitoring. The company operates with the recognition of regional, provincial, and federal regulatory agencies and performs contract work on behalf of many regulatory bodies.

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Unit 101-9488 - 189th Street , Surrey , British Columbia V4N 4W7 Canada

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Service provider
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Air and Climate
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Internationally (various countries)
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The firm is an internationally recognized specialist in Dioxin/Furan emission measurements. Projects include measurements in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines and the South Pacific.

An additional specialty area is emission testing of marine vessels and diesel engines. Since approximately 1998, A. Lanfranco and Associates has conducted IMO Annex VI engines Nox certifications for a number of ships including Royal Caribbean vessels and V Ships (oil tanker).

General Overview
Since 1983 the firm has developed from a source monitoring specialist to include process operation evaluation, pollution control equipment troubleshooting, and monitoring program design. The company is, by far, the most active source test consultant in the province, with four to five field crews dispatched routinely.

In the last several years the company has been involved with almost all special waste type combustion processes in B.C. These included the old UBC incinerators, Pacific Place soil remediation trials, PCP contaminated waste trials, used oil filter disposal, and many DRE studies in kilns. Our familiarity with the special waste projects and the regulatory aspects accompanying them has allowed us to streamline the communications requirements of these administratively complex issues.

A. Lanfranco & Associates Inc. conducts Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) using their METLab, Mobile Emission Testing Laboratory. METLab uses state of the art instrumentation capable of continuous monitoring of NO/NOx, SO2/TRS, THC/VOC, O2, CO2, and CO. We currently have four CEM systems available for field studies.

The firm offers services where company principals are directly involved in all project phases; this approach guaranteeing continuity during project execution.

A. Lanfranco and Associates Inc. prides itself on its ability to complete well defined projects on time and on budget, while fulfilling all work scope obligations. Fixed price projects are commonly accommodated.

In Nov 1988, the company was awarded the 'Hard Hat Award' for excellence in source testing by the Pacific Northwest International Section of the Air and Waste Management Association.

The company carries appropriate levels of liability insurance and is a member of the B.C. Worker's Compensation Board. Work is conducted by certified technical staff.

A. Lanfranco and Associates Inc. frequently provide sub-consultant services to Beak Associates, CIRRUS Consultants, Morrow Engineering, and Sentar (Stanley). Some of the clients we have conducted work, on behalf of these companies include:

  • Western Whitewood, New Westminster, BC
  • NOVA/Monenco, Calgary, AB
  • Steele Bros., Winnipeg, MB
  • ABC Recycling, Burnaby, BC
  • Northwood Pulp, Prince George, BC
  • Royal Columbian Hosp, New Westminster, BC

All projects are concluded with a comprehensive technical report suitable for submission to any regulatory agency. The reports detail all sampling and analytical methodologies, results, QA/QC results, discussions and contain all field data and equipment calibrations.

Our firm has developed what it believes to be a QA/QC program unique in the source testing field in the Pacific Northwest. The individual survey QA/QC programs are designed around the scope of each project and go far beyond the QA/QC requirements of the regulatory bodies. Our QA/QC programs include:

  1. Routine calibration of all source test equipment
  2. Pre-screening field reagents to ensure no pre-contamination
  3. Impinger collection efficiency assessments
  4. Audit sample analysis for SOx, NOx, HCl, HF, and heavy metals
  5. In-house measurements of audit cal. gases using field equipment
  6. Pre-proofing materials and supplies and PCDD/PCDF/PAH sampling modules.
  7. Analysis of all blank materials and solutions
  8. Interlaboratory analysis of selected samples

A list of independent laboratories which we commonly use for specialized analysis include:

  • Pacific Rim, Surrey, BC (PCDD/PCDF/PAH/PCB)
  • AXYS, Sidney, BC (PCDD/PCDF/PAH and other organics)
  • ALS, Vancouver, BC (Organics, TCMTB, Timbercoat)
  • Cantest, Burnaby, BC (Trace metals, ion chromatography)
  • Bodycote Testing Labs, Langley, BC (NOx, condensible organics, anions)

Each laboratory has performed accurately with blind audit samples.

Relevant Experience
A. Lanfranco and Associates Inc. has been primarily active in forest products, incineration (including special waste), cement/limerock, mining, power generation and petroleum industries. We conduct routine compliance monitoring for many G.V.R.D., MWLAP, and Canadian clients and conduct special monitoring assignments on an international basis.

Recently the firm, in association with AXYS Analytical Laboratories and TRC, was selected by the Hong Kong Environment Protection Dep’t to conduct dioxin/PCB surveys at twelve sources over a two year period.

On an international basis we have conducted several incineration surveys in Hawaii and Indonesia, and have recently completed a large pulp mill performance survey in East Kalimantan Indonesia. Projects in China have been conducted and projects in Philippines, Japan and Singapore are pending.

Following is a partial list of clients, intended to demonstrate the range of project scope with which we have been involved.

International Experience
A. Lanfranco and Associates Inc. have conducted numerous emission monitoring projects on an international basis. The projects have ranged from Southeast Asia (Indonesia) to South Pacific (Hawaii), Alaska and mainland USA. Following is a summary of the projects and activities relating to the work.