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Alban CAT, your complete source for Caterpillar machines, generators, marine & industrial engines, parts and service in the mid-Atlantic region. With 18 locations throughout our territory, we are a construction equipment and power systems company committed to providing you with the products and support that have made our dealership the choice of customers in Maryland, Virginia and the surrounding area since 1927.

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13074 S. Dupont Highway , Felton , Delaware 19943 USA
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Nationally (across the country)

Alban CAT has been in business since 1927 representing Caterpillar products in the mid-Atlantic region. Our goal remains the same: to provide the best possible sales and rental coverage, parts availability, and service capability. The technological leadership position of Caterpillar is complemented by the experience and years in the trenches of the Alban personnel who have supported the growth of the company. Alban was the first fourth generation family-owned Caterpillar dealer and over 20% of our employees have 20 or more years of service.

In 1917, James C. Alban, “Jim”, was an automotive tool maker with an entrepreneurial spirit. During a time when commercial equipment focused mainly on farming, the Pennsylvania native recognized that along with the invention of the car came a need for good roads and the equipment it would take to build them. He left his job at a local Cadillac dealership and went to work for a tractor wholesaler.

In 1921 Jim Alban joined forces with Zachariah Johnson to form Alban & Johnson. They held a sub-dealership under C. F. Seabrook Co. of New Jersey for the sale of tractors manufactured by Holt Manufacturing Co. In 1925 Holt merged with the C.L. Best company and became Caterpillar Tractor Co. and Alban & Johnson began selling Caterpillar products. Mr. Johnson retired in 1926 and on January 2, 1927 Alban Tractor Co. Inc. began operations. The Company did well until the Depression, when from 1929 through 1935 the Company was barely able to survive. A slow recovery began in 1936, and the Company has continued its growth since then.

In 1937 James C. Alban Jr., “Buck”, started the second generation of leadership. The World War II era marked an explosion of construction projects related to the military and spin-off projects following the war’s end. Soldiers, who had learned to use earthmoving equipment during the war, returned home and opened their own construction companies. And, most influential, the era marked the creation of the interstate highway system.

In 1983 James C. Alban III, “Jay”, began the third generation to run the company. As the infrastructure needs of the region grew, and the product line of Caterpillar expanded to include engines and generators, Alban Tractor expanded its coverage and product offerings with new branch openings across the territory.

In 1995 James C. Alban IV, “Jamie”, took over the company marking the fourth generation of Alban family leadership. During Jamie’s time as President of the Company, Caterpillar and Alban Tractor have expanded into the compact construction equipment and rental businesses. Alban Rents started operations in 1997 and quickly expanded and a new compact equipment showroom opened in Baltimore in 2006. The growth of the internet and data centers has spurred rapid growth in the stand-by generator business that continues today.

In the early 2000′s Alban Tractor Co Inc changed to Alban CAT to better represent the full product line that we now offer. Alban CAT will continue to expand our offerings and services to meet the demands of our growing customer base. With new branches, upgraded facilities and added product lines such as sweepers, grinders and utility vehicles to name a few, Alban is poised to be your first choice for products and services well into the future.