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  • Filtration Products- Filter Press Cloths

  • Non Gasketed Recessed Chamber Cloths

    Non Gasketed Recessed Chamber Cloths

    We can provide replacement cloths with a Latex edge sealant to minimize weeping. We offer Brass, Stainless Steel, or Plastic Grommets. We also provide Velcro closures if needed. We can fabricate replacement cloths to fit multiple plate styles for 470mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm plates are available.

  • Cloth Styles and Weaves

    Cloth Styles and Weaves

    We stock many fabric styles and weaves. Our long-term relationships with many fabric mills enable us to source almost everything needed for your application

  • Filtration Products

  • Sludge Disposal Bags

    Sludge Disposal Bags

    These heavy-duty, 1 cubic yard bags hold the equivalent of 3 to 4 barrels of F006 sludge – giving you a significant cost savings over barrels. UN approved, the Albax sludge disposal bag is a closed-bottom, duffel top, woven polypropylene bag, with a separate, inner polyethylene liner (3mil or 6mil) as a moisture barrier.

  • Anode Bags

    Anode Bags

    Polypropylene. Polyfelt or Napped Poly. Drawstrings and/or Tie Strings.

  • Filter Bag

    Filter Bag

    Multiple Microns sizes available. Stainless Steel or Plastic Rings. With or Without Handles.

  • Custom Sewing Products

  • Ducts - Make-Up Air System

    Ducts - Make-Up Air System

    Our Fabric Ducts are constructed with: High quality 12mil Flame Retardant HDPE Fabric. Sewn by double needle lock stitch machines with heavy duty nylon thread. #4 Brass Grommets. Grommets can be installed both on top and bottom seams for Summer/Winter Use. Internal Bladders Available. Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Holes Available. Standard Off-White Fabric (Custom Colors Available)

  • Filter Press Accessories

  • “O” Ring Gasketing

    “O” Ring Gasketing

    EDPM rubber “0” ring gasket for caulked, gasketed, recessed chamber plates.  Available in 100-foot spools.  We can also supply Viton and Buna Gasketing.  Please specify plate size when ordering.

  • Cake Removal Spatulas

    Cake Removal Spatulas

    All-plastic spatulas are used to dislodge sludge cake from filter cloths and minimizes damage to cloths.

  • Caulking Wedges

    Caulking Wedges

    Speeds up your cloth installation; insures a proper fit; and lessens fatigue. Machined from solid polypropylene, the Albax wedge protects cloths from damage during installation.