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ALcontrol Laboratories

ALcontrol Laboratories` aim is to provide the very best Environmental and Food testing so that customers have the Confidence to Act on our results. Our approach to testing is simple: we use our expertise and experience to rapidly deliver reliable results so our customers waste little time waiting and interpreting our findings - just acting on them. We take pride in providing excellent customer service, if we fail - we try harder. With over 2000 trained staff we operate in 11 European countries and are expanding to take our services into new markets.

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Units 7 & 8 Hawarden Business Park Manor Road, Hawarden , Deeside , Flintshire CH5 3US United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Laboratory Equipment
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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Alcontrol Group is a focussed laboratory services company with the capability to support a wide range of investigation, compliance and assurance testing services. Through our network of laboratories and service centres in 11 European countries we provide testing services to a broad range of clients including; National and Regional governments, private sector consulting, manufacturing and retailing organisations, and in some areas consumers in conjunction with local government partners.

Our testing services are focussed on three key market sectors:

  • Environmental; Prevention, clean up and monitoring of soil and ground water as part of an overall commitment to environmental car
  • Food; Assurance of human health to retailers and producers of food
  • Oil and Fuel; Provision of specialist oil condition monitoring testing for power, marine and equipment manufacturing and service companies.

Alcontrol’s long history of working with regulators in these markets and our depth of scientific knowledge are a valued resource by our clients.


ALcontrol's operating strategy is to be the customer service leader in every market we are in. For our customers this means different things dependent upon their own specific needs. The foundation of our approach is to be easy to do business with and provide fast accurate testing so that our customers have the Confidence to Act on the results they get from us. Where we fall short of our own high standards we try harder.

ALcontrol's approach to running labs is our unique that incorporate the best science, production systems and IT solutions that allow our customers and scientists to work fast and accurately. Every year our customers demand more from us either by being more efficient, providing our solutions in new ways or working together to remove costs from thier business. We have a groupwide Lean Laboratories programme that helps to develop and strengthen the ALcontrol Laboratory Production System.

ALcontrol handles millions of test results every year for our clients. Increasingly our customers are asking to make sense of their data and to provide information. Our objective is to move 80% of all customer related transactions to the web by the end of 2014. To do this we have invested heavily in our specialist cloud computing solution to allow customers to place order, manage results and process information related to thier testing requirements. Our unique solution allows customers to reduce the costs associated with using a laboratory.

At the heart of the Company is the financial and service discipline that allows us to run multiple laboratories and sales offices over a wide area with common and high standards of customer service, production and financial performance.


Integrity First
Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviours to our words and taking responsibility for our actions

Service to our customers
Service to our customers is the reason we’re in business, so we should treat them that way. We offer great scientific analysis and we strive to do it with a level of customer service that sets us apart from our rivals. Our team is committed to exceeding expectations and to creating positive lasting memories of our service.

Striving for Excellence
We’re proud of accomplishments, but never satisfied. We constantly reach further to improve our performance, generate new ideas and set new standards for our industry. We enjoy working hard to achieve results and performing in a way that our customers deserve and expect. We like working with other smart people and organisations who share our ambition for excellence.


As a trusted organisation ALcontrol's customers expect the highest standard of integrity and corporate govenrance. Alcontrol's Board has a well developed set of policies and proceedures to ensure that the Company's operations comply with the requirements of local, national and international standards, laws and ethics.

The Board works hard to ensure objectivity and effectivess in carrying out its responsbilities and meets regularly to scrutinise executive management's role and performacne in discharging these responsbilities. Specifically the Board montiors and reports on financial, risk, quality, health and safety, legal and environemental issues, using independent auditors, assessors as approprpriate.


Our clients, employees and partners recognise Alcontrol’s commitment to Health and Safety. At Alcontrol working safely is part of the foundation of the way we work - in our approach there is no trade - off that can be made with professional standards of safety by our staff, our suppliers and the way we work with our customers.

  • Our goal is zero workplace incidents;
  • We not only incorporate “best practices” into our safety culture, we try to set a new industry standard for safety;
  • We rely on experience, continuous training, and adherence to strict standards to ensure the safety of our employees, our partners, and our surrounding communities.
  • Each one of our employees shares an obligation to prevent accidents and is expected to conduct business in a way that actively integrates the elements of the Alcontrol Health, Safety and Environment programme into all aspects of our business
  • Immersion in our safety culture begins when employees start with us – from personal safety and responsibility through to advanced training on procedures for handling dangerous or hazardous materials.
  • As we operate in many different jurisdictions first and foremost we work hard to comply with local regulations. Over and above that we monitor and manage our safety commitments on a Group-wide basis to ensure that we reach the highest levels of governance.


ALcontrol Group aims to operate to the highest standards of quality so that customers can have Confidence to Act on our results. Our committment to quality starts with the way that our employees work and our organisational culture. We look for honest and open staff who can work with discipline to defined procueedures and that have a high level of personal integrity. We regularly survey and ask our employees about their perception of Company's integrity and carry out indiependent ethics audits. We have a transparent approach to shareing this information with our clients.

ALcontrol's laboartories are accredited to ISO 17025 standard by national regulators who are members of the International Laboratory Accrediation Cooperation body (ILAC). This collaboration allows alcontrol to test in many juristictions and countries using the most appropriate laboratory for the specialist type of testing. Where Alcontrol provides services we always make it clear to what method we provide the tests be they EPA, ISO, EN or NEN, MCerts or other relevant standards.

Operating in over 11 countries brings with it some special responsbilities as our operations range from collection, storage, registration, scheduling, testing and reporting. We work closurely with our clients, in particular where they are responsble for sampling and storage of samples before collection to ensure the integrity of the tests are maintained.

At a practical level our quality system ensure that all tests have technical and commercial integrity, a known level of accuracy in all tests and measurements and that careful observation and accurate recording of results is performed.


ALcontrol acknowledges that it has an obligation to control the impact of its activities on the environment. To meet this obligation, ALcontrol operates an Environmental Management System that is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impact of all its activities and services. We work continuously to improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution arising from our activities.

The nature of our laboratory operations makes specific demands on an environmental policy notably in disposal of tested material and waste management and disposal. Our teams measure carbon impact, energy use and specifically work to minimise and manage waste streams to ensure that we strive to be best in class performance for our industry.


Alcontrol Laboratories aims to provide the very best Environmental and Food testing across Europe. The foundation of our apporach is to be easy to do business with and to deliver fast and accurate results with modern information technology. We are providing the Confidence to Act on our results.

Our approach to testing is simple: we use our expertise and experience to rapidly deliver reliable results so our customers waste little time waiting and interpreting our findings - just acting on them. We take pride in providing excellent customer service, if we fail - we try harder. With over 2000 trained staff we operate in 11 European countries and are expanding to take our services into new markets.


At ALcontrol we recognise that our tests are vitally important part of our customers business. Whether they are testing soil, water, food, air or oil the test results are used to make health and safety decisions that are likely to have an effect on human health and the environment. Alcontrol's first responsibility is to provide accurate results and to allow our customers to have the Confidence to Act on them.

ALcontrol's commitment to quality allowing customers to have the Confidence to Act is:

that results are based on reliable scientific accredited test methods, often specialist and proprietary based on many years of industry specific scientific development

  • our commitment to deliver results with ease and speed so that customers can make timely decisions
  • all our results are backed up by advice from our scientific advisors allowing customers to better interpret the information
  • based on ALcontrol huge investment in a network of commercial laboratories and state of the art equipment
  • increasingly the provision of these results using the best IT solutions reduce costs for our clients and make information more manageable


ALcontrol has developed its own approach to running labs called Production Driven Analytical Platform (PDAP) that allows high level of consistent performance. PDAP approach includes

  • Customer service including logistics, scheduling and delivery of results
  • Production layout and metrics that focus on efficient and continuous flow of standard and non standard tests
  • IT solutions that support production and allows online ordering and delivery of results
  • Best science with the continuous development of testing methods that improve accuracy, reduce cost and save time

As companies have been integrated into ALcontrol our transformation team works with local staff and management to improve service and productivity. Our customers demand that tests become more efficient and faster over time and we constantly seek to improve our approach. Our investment programme is matched by a company commitment to continuous improvement. ALcontrol Lean laboratory programme is a commitment by all staff to seek better ways to run operations and improve our service.


@mis – your access to ALcontrol

@mis is our 24/7 internet portal, allowing you access to your data whenever you need it, wherever you are, via your laptop, phone or PDA (all you need is an internet connection), by simply logging onto our website –

This versatile system is password protected for complete confidentiality, and can be set to allow access to your individual projects, all projects within your office, or all projects for all your offices – your own office administrator will set authorisation.

There are numerous benefits from using this system, including:

  • Access to data 24/7
  • Viewing data either by batch or project
  • Exporting data into crosstab, csv or various industry formats such as AGS, EQuIS, or National Grid. User specific formats can also be defined.
  • Exporting pdf files of completed reports
  • Trending of data across several batches
  • Highlighting values outside acceptance criteria
  • Use as a data archive – files are unlikely to be removed for several years

However, @mis is not simply for accessing data, and one of the most useful functions is the ordering of containers or collections from our logistics partner, Echo. Using your same log in and password, click on the ‘collections’ option, and this will take you to a simple three step ordering system, where you can arrange collections or order containers (from a pick list), with the safeguard of full traceability.

A third function of @mis is self-scheduling. This option is potentially the most time and error saving function – you can log in and schedule your samples on site, using your internet link (plus a handheld barcode scanner), and your samples are therefore already scheduled in our LIMS before they arrive. Our staff will simply scan the bottles, and pass them straight into the laboratory for prepping, with no delays. No more soggy, illegible Chain of Custody sheets – no more incorrect sample IDs, and no more mis-interpretation of scheduling instructions – and it improves turnaround by 24 – 48 hours.


Alcontrol services are provided on a local basis in over 11 countries through Europe. Whilst operating to the highest professional standards we tailor our services to the local regulatory requirements and adapt our service to suit the way our customers operate.

Although many customers may operate from a single location either as a consltant or quality manager we are able to provide access to our network of capabilities to allow them to specify tests to comply to out of country regulations.

  • Specifically for multi-national customers we provide services that allow services to be provided in many countries on a uniform basis with common ordering, reporting and testing basis :
  • ideal for food producers testing export products for compliance to multi-country regulations;
  • developed specifically for environemental consultants multi-country due dilligence projects where common testing and reporting standards are requied by thier end clients
  • designed for engineering or consulting teams that are mobilised to other countries for a specific high intensity project but performed to international standards. We specialise on import of problematic samples and remote team support.


Alcontrol organises its business into three distinct focus areas in order to serve customers in the most effective way.  Our business comprises;

  • Environmental testing, for environmental consultants, remediation contractors, waste management companies and other professional service businesses focussed on protecting the environment;
  • Food producers and retailers, requiring compliance, investigatory or product development testing in order to operate their food supply and retail businesses;
  • Oil and Fuel testing, for marine, air, transportation and power businesses that require testing of lubricants and fuels as part of their maintenance and emissions management systems.

These businesses have responsibility for their own customers, have dedicated employees and have a network of their own specialist laboratories and service centres in order to fulfil their client’s needs. The majority of these services are available in 11 core countries in Europe and for some services outside these areas by arrangement.