Algae Food & Fuel - an initiative of BioSoil and Tendris

Algae Food & Fuel is an initiative of BioSoil and Tendris. Combined, they provide a wide scope and diverse solutions. BioSoil is a soil remediation company with extensive and wide-ranging experience in realizing soil remediation operations based on biological attenuation of contaminants (both in situ and on site). With more than fifteen years of experience, they are always looking for ways to complete remediations fast, cheap and with as less impact on the environment as possible. Algae Food & Fuel designs, builds, sells and installs systems for the industrial and agricultural production of algae: algae farming.

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Remmingweg 2-4 , Almere , 1332 BE Netherlands

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)


AF&F provides unique photobioreactors with LED lighting for reliable high yield algae production

Innovative technology for reliable high yield production
Our mission is to provide innovative microalgae solutions to sustainably supply food and feed to the world. We are the leading supplier of photobioreactors based on submerged LED assimilation lighting. Our solution enables 24 hours a day year-round controlled growth process in all climate zones. The photobioreactor allows precise control over all factors influencing yields and composition of photosynthetic microalgae. We deliver turn-key microalgae cultivation systems to microalgae producers.


Biotech reactors for high-end nutraceutical applications
Microalgae provide a rich and varied source of nutraceuticals and natural ingredients. The nutraceutical content in most microalgae strains is relatively small, market values for these compounds are however very high. The biotech reactors with submerged LED assimilation lighting have been developed by AF&F taking the strict requirements for the food ingredients and human food sector into account from the start. These high-tech reactors offer maximum hygiene and control over the microalgae cultivation process.


Standard reactors for aquaculture applications
Microalgae are an essential food sources in the aquaculture sector. The aquaculture sector is a global industry which has and continues to grow substantially. The value-engineered basic photobioreactors with submerged LED assimilation lighting have been developed to provide reliably cost-efficient algae production for the aquaculture sector, for example as inoculation line for open pond systems. Furthermore AF&F offers LED assimilation lamps for open ponds in greenhouses to improve productivity of open ponds during all seasons and increase the length of the day.