Algae Lab Systems

Algae Lab Systems

Algae for biofuels, algae for wastewater treatment, algae for nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and biomaterials. There are so many uses for algae but like any crop, growing algae can be challenging. Each algae strain has its own unique optimal growing conditions depending on your output product. How do you find and control these conditions? Algae Lab Systems provides a turnkey wireless Sensor and Control System designed to help you optimize algae yield and grow maximal amounts of algae using your own PBRs or ponds. The Algae Connect software monitors and controls all important growing conditions with integrated sensors and control modules. The SPARC control boxes are weather proof, heat resistant, wireless, and low power, and hence work reliably whether you have a large scale pond farm or a fleet of indoor reactors.

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2201 Pearl Street , Boulder , NC 80302 USA
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Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)
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The Algae Lab Systems system offers centralized access and logging of all data from all your Algae Connect controllers in a rich graphical environment that includes text alarms for out of range sensors and user permissions levels.

Algae Lab Systems sensors include pH. temperature, dissolved oxygen, algae density, nitrate, ammonium, CO2, artificial light, PAR, water level and flow, and others. Control modules are available for turning on and off pumps, valves, motors, controlling LED light intensities, and just about any other algae related function.

All data is logged and displayed on the central HubBox computer, that communicates wirelessly with many remote SPARC control boxes.

The system features phone and tablet access, allowing you to move around your farm and inspect all parameter values for all reactors or ponds easily from the palm of your hand.

Use the software to create simple or complex control routines: turn on CO2 flow to regulate pH, maintain an optimal algae density with a feedback loop controlling a dilution and nutrient delivery pump, or any other logic you can think of.

The system is incredibly easy to set up and connect to your existing systems. So whether you're starting up a new venture and want us to take care of all your ponds and PBRs, or you're an experienced producer looking to set up a new set of ponds or reactors, give us a call and find out how easy it is to get your monitoring system up and running.