AlgaeControl.US, based in Charleston, SC is a partner with Hydro BioScience to manufacture and distribute ultrasound algae control devices. We currently have over 50 authorized dealers worldwide providing you a wide variety of expertise; from water garden experts to pond and lake biologists to industrial wastewater engineers. Using sound “green” water management practices positively impacts everyone’s water quality and helps protect and preserve our environment, fish and wildlife. The Hydro BioScience Quattro-DB device uses two piezo emitters to cover a circular area of 300 meter diameter (7 ha) for green algae and 800 meter diameter for blue-green algae (50 ha). The patent pending technology produces 2024 frequencies per 34 minute cycle covering two distinct ultrasonic bandwidth ranges. We offer solar powered floating platform that that is suited for large reservoirs and lakes. AlgaeControl.US is pleased to offer these products to you Worldwide.

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2398 Clements Ferry Rd., Suite W. , Charleston , South Carolina 29492 USA

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Science and Research
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Internationally (various countries)
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