Alliant Job Hazard Analytics

Alliant JHA is a web-based application specifically created to ensure that job hazard analysis accurately and consistently delivers maximum worker protection, minimum risk exposure for individuals and corporations, and increased work quality and productivity. Alliant JHA was designed by safety professionals, based on their on-site, on-the-job experience. As they built it, they used it – in real time – to make sure it works better for you than anything else currently available. And they maintain it and update it based on your real-world experience and feedback.

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320 N Cedar Bluff Road, Suite 200 , Knoxville , Tennessee 37923 USA

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Software vendor
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Health and Safety - Workplace Safety
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Nationally (across the country)

Alliant JHA was created a decade ago by health and safety professionals at Alliant Corporation, a provider of occupational safety and health, project control, and environmental management services. Alliant JHA provides a comprehensive web based hazard analysis system accessible across your organization that enables collaborative customized, standardized, efficient analysis of job hazards, and prescription of specific controls to minimize the risk of workers injury or illness. Alliant JHA is designed to help companies perform work safely.

Alliant JHA

  • Allows companies to link work activities, hazards associated with particular activities, and controls to minimize the risk of hazards and to create detailed job hazard analysis for tasks performed by the company
  • Creates a job hazard Risk Inventory Matrix (RIM) report for each analyzed job
  • Has been successfully implemented by U.S. Department of Energy, Tennessee Valley Authority and major government contractors for hazard analysis

Alliant JHA results in lower risk exposure for user companies. It

  • Decreases liability by identifying and documenting work activities with foreseeable hazards and controls so the risks associated with identified hazards can be reduced
  • Provides the framework for assigning a numerical RIM ranking to each process analyzed, which managers can use to prioritize their hazard-reduction efforts
  • Enables work planners to decide how to lower job risk even before work begins
  • Reports data to all management levels detailing which jobs are active, risk exposure for each job, and controls in place

Alliant JHA makes safe work life and plant operation easier for everyone involved. Alliant JHA

  • Enables safety managers and engineers to customize JHAs to fit your company’s work style and requirements
  • Features a user-friendly data entry process with drop-down menu selection that reduces errors caused by user-required typing, and a drag and drop tool that enables users to sequence work activities to match how a particular job is done at their company
  • Provides access from anywhere an internet connection is available, allowing personnel flexibility to use it in the field
  • Creates a collaborative virtual work environment for job hazard analysis
  • Promotes efficiency, consistency, and accuracy of hazard analysis and control definition
  • Can be sustained and constantly improved after installation by ongoing Alliant support