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  • Sandvik Mining Services

    Sandvik has a long tradition as a pioneer and innovator in the mining industry. For 150 years, the brand has been synonymous with quality and has been the driving force behind many innovations, constantly developing new, more productive, more intelligent products and services. From Sandvik Mining you can expect leading-edge service technologies that harmonise services into a complete, highly effective platform. As the original equipment manufacturer, only Sandvik has the competenc

  • Pre-operation services

    Pre-operation services

    Sandvik Mining Pre-operations Services are the first step to ensure you get the best from your investment. Getting the right from the start using our infrastructure and start-up services ensures better safety and productivity for the future. Before the machine commences work, Sandvik can make sure that the equipment's not only fit for purpose, but is also optimally configured to suit the working conditions on site. 

  • Operation services

    Operation services

    In mining, safety is paramount. Only the original equipment manufacturer has the inherent competencies to ensure that your safety and productivity is never compromised but rather maximised, without breaking the budget. Sandvik's comprehensive maintenance plans deliver the parts, components and consumables when you need them, along with highly skilled service personnel who can keep your equipment running with maximum efficiency.

  • Optimisation Services

    Optimisation Services

    As the mining industry expands and sites become more remote and the machines more sophisticated, Sandvik Mining continuously developing new ways for your customers to increase safety, productivity and optimise the performance of the active fleet.

  • Advisory Services

    Advisory Services

    Sandvik Mining advisory services offers a wide range of benefits to help you increase system-, process-, and operational efficiency, whether through our specialised training programs or our business related advisory services. Sandvik has a wide rage of advisory services that can perform Assessment-, Investigative- and Modelling services to improve your productivity and safety and have a proven track record in optimising performance.

  • Resource Efficiency

    Resource Efficiency

    The Earth’s limited resources all have different regeneration rates and as a world we are constantly being reminded that by consuming beyond our resources we are potentially contributing to higher levels of carbon dioxide and stress on ecosystems.

  • Cobalt Exposure Prevention

    Cobalt Exposure Prevention

    We have a strong Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) culture at Sandvik Mining and our objective is to minimize harm to our people, our customers, our suppliers and the environment to the greatest extent possible.

  • Hands and Fingers Safety

    Hands and Fingers Safety

    One of the most common injuries both in the workplace and at home are those caused to hands and fingers. These types of injuries can vary from a cut from a sharp object to developing repetitive strain injury (RSI) due to incorrect setup of a workstation. At Sandvik Mining we are continuously finding ways to prevent these types of injuries and are ensuring that all our employees are trained sufficiently before working with objects or machinery that may...

  • Sandvik Carbide Recycling

    Sandvik Carbide Recycling

    Recycling that benefits everyone: Recycling dull drilling bits is both environmentally and financially sound for mining companies. Sandvik is currently the only mining supplier that recycles both steel and cemented carbide. We make it as easy as possible for our customers to participate in our recycling program with collection at customer locations.