The oldest German pump manufacturer, founded in 1860, Allweiler GmbH is today the European market and technology leader in fluid handling solutions for shipbuilding, power generation and special industrial applications. Our product portfolio is unrivaled in the industry and includes centrifugal, propeller, screw spindle and progressive cavity pumps, as well as complete pump systems. We also manufacture peristaltic pumps and macerators. In addition to our Allweiler-branded pumps and systems, we sell the pumps and solutions of our sister companies Zenith - gear pumps - and CLARUS, COT-PURITECH, LSC, LUBRITECH, SICELUB - Reliability Services -.

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Allweilerstr. 1 , Radolfzell , 78315 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000
100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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ALLWEILER has been producing pumps since 1860, making it Germany''s oldest pump manufacturer.

As a member of the Colfax Corporation, ALLWEILER is represented by subsidiaries in many European countries, the United States, China, India, Egypt and South Africa. Around the world, the company has approximately 100 subsidiaries and partner companies.

Whether you need qualified advice before a purchase, technical support during start-up or help with maintenance tasks – you can be sure that an ALLWEILER partner will be on-site and ready to help.

As a member of the Colfax Corporation, Allweiler GmbH has access to substantial financial and production resources. The entire Group’s research and development resources, production capabilities, and sales and service personnel are available around the globe.

1860:   The company was founded by Gotthard Allweiler

1874:   Series manufacturing of manual pumps

1876:   First manufacturing in Radolfzell

1884:   Own foundry

1905:   Production of the first centrifugal and rotary lobe pumps

1909:   Restructuring as a public company

1933:   Manufacturing of cattle drinking bowls

1952:   Manufacturing of screw pumps started

1964:   Purchases of Bottrop plant

            Manufacturing of progressing cavity pumps started

1967:   Development of the complete standardized centrifugal pump series

            Manufacturing of close-coupled pumps, in-line pumps, heat transfer oil pumps and marine pumps

1976:   Purchases of Aschaffenburg plant

1977:   Market launch Macerators

1990:   Manufacturing and delivery of pumps with magnetic couplings

1992:   Market launch peristaltic pumps

1995:   Integration of Houttuin B.V. into ALLWEILER AG

            Manufacturing of 2-screw pumps

1996:   Relocation plant Aschaffenburg to Radolfzell

1998:   ALLWEILER becomes a member of the Colfax Corporation

2001:   Market launch of series ALLHEAT and TRILUB

2002:   Market launch of a progressing cavity pump series for the wastewater market

2003:   Market launch of series ALLTRIMM and MAGDRIVE

2004:   Market launch of series MELO and ALLUB RUV

2005:   Own stator production in Hamburg; Acquisition of Tushaco Pumps, India;

            Opening of plant in Wuxi, China; New Sand Mixer installed in the foundry

2006:   Market launch EMTEC-A

2007:   A new molding machine for the foundry

2008:   Relocation of stator production from Hamburg to Bottrop

            Development of SMART – additional modules (SMART Solutions, ALLREADY)

2009:   Acquisition of PD Technik, Hamburg

            Market launch ALLFUEL

2010:   Market launch ALLMIND

           150th anniversary ALLWEILER

2011:   Renaming ALLWEILER GmbH

2013:   Market launch CM-1000

2015:   Market launch ALLMARINE MI-D

2016:   Relocation of IMO AB manufacturing to Radolfzell/Germany

            Market launch IN-1000

For ALLWEILER, your needs are our first priority

This commitment to our customers means that our company has a product line that is unique in many ways. ALLWEILER GmbH is your single source for pumps of every style and type.

In addition to individual pumps, we also supply a variety of complete pump units suitable for applications in every industry. As a result, you will save money as early as the proposal phase and continue to benefit from simplified installation, maintenance and service. Complete turnkey systems for a variety of applications round off our product line.

Experience since 1860 and German quality standards are the foundation upon which we create the highest precision products available. Modern design and production methods are other major elements of our success.

Our accredited quality-assurance system ensures the long-term reliability and efficiency of every pump we produce. Our own foundry produces high quality castings and uses some materials that are available only through ALLWEILER.

We continuously invest in design and production methods while simultaneously promoting employee know-how. As a result, you can be sure that selected innovative technologies will keep your pump operating reliably for a long time with little maintenance. In addition, proper material selection, precise construction and German quality production will keep your lifecycle costs low.

Our ability to deliver products to you in a timely and reliable manner is also important to us. Furthermore, our global service network facilitates rapid and reliable maintenance and service, including rapid shipment of replacement parts.

The Colfax Business System® (CBS) is our unique business-management system. It is a repeatable‚ teachable process that we use to create superior value for our customers‚ shareholders and associates. Rooted in our five core values‚ it is our culture. CBS provides the tools and techniques to ensure that we are continuously improving our ability to meet or exceed customer requirements on a consistent basis.

Each year‚ Colfax associates in every business are asked to develop aggressive strategic plans which are based on Voice of the Customer. In these plans‚ we are very clear about our market realities‚ our threats‚ our risks‚ our opportunities and most importantly‚ our vision forward. Execution and measurement of our plans is very important to us‚ which is where the process comes in. Our belief is that when we use the tools of CBS to drive the implementation of these plans‚ we are able to uniquely provide the customer with the world class quality‚ delivery‚ cost and growth they require. And that performance is what ultimately helps our customers and Colfax grow and win on a sustainable basis.

Core values at the foundation‚ key focus on the customer‚ hard targets and metrics along the way and a very systematic methodology to make sure we can execute and sustain in every Colfax Business over the long haul. That in a nutshell is CBS