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  • Smell Analysis Services

    Smell Analysis Services

    Thanks to the electronic nose, get objective and reliable measurements in smell testing. Its numerous applications allow you to guarantee the quality and conformity of your products among consumers, to support your R&D for the development of new products and to detect fraud and counterfeiting.

  • Analytical Services

    Analytical Services

    Our colours and shapes measurement services with the visual analyzer; Customized services for your needs in colour and shape analysis. With more than 20 years of experience in colour and shape analysis for major companies from various sectors (food, beverage, plastics and packaging, etc) worldwide, Alpha MOS laboratories can deliver a customized answer to every customer need. 

  • Colour & Shape Analysis Services

    Colour & Shape Analysis Services

    With the electronic visual analyze, characterize the visual aspect of your products. Shapes analysis, colours analysis: this easy and fast-to-use tool allows you to get reliable, objective and detailed measurements. Precious data to produce a positive perception of the visual quality among consumers, also useful for product development.

  • Odor Audit Service

    Odor Audit Service

    Objectives: To collect the information necessary to characterize the odor problem. To propose an action plan to measure emissions and nuisances.

  • Odor Diagnosis Service

    Odor Diagnosis Service

    Objectives: To characterize the odor sources: Measure the odor concentration of waste gases sampled on site. Calculate the odor flow rate of each source.

  • Odor Impact Assessment Service

    Odor Impact Assessment Service

    Objectives: To model the odor footprint of a projected or existing site. To assess the theoretical impact of odorous releases around the site.

  • Taste Analysis Services

    Taste Analysis Services

    The reliability of the electronic tongue enables you to make products development easier by characterizing their taste. This reliable instrument is perfect for avoiding possible health hazards to your panel of testers when evaluating products containing harmful or unpleasant molecules.