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  • How to clean your UV lamp

    How to clean your UV lamp

    Cleaning Your UV Lamps and System It is extremely important to maintain your UV lamps and system to avoid problems which could prevent your UV lamp from curing. Firstly when handling a UV lamp we strongly recommend that you wear gloves, this will ...

    Vikki Chadwick

  • Mercury Ban – Printers Unaffected

    Mercury Ban – Printers Unaffected

    The mercury ban debate has been rife with speculation, confusion, strong accusations and well, a little bit of misleading information. So, together with Brendan Perring of Print Monthly I have been getting to the bottom of this tangled web of ...

    Mark Loveridge;Vikki Chadwick

  • Rapid Start Lamps Vs Mercury Arc Lamp

    Rapid Start Lamps Vs Mercury Arc Lamp

    We have recently had a little bit of confusion between our Rapid Start lamps and our Mercury Arc Lamps and their differing warranties. So to clear up some of your concerns our Production Director Richard Cherry explains how they differ: ...

  • Mercury – The Facts, Myths and Clean Up Tips!

    Mercury – The Facts, Myths and Clean Up Tips!

    Mercury, the facts. Mercury is an element (Hg on the periodic table) found naturally in the environment. Mercury emissions can come from both natural and man-made sources. It is commonly used in mercury arc lamps for UV curing, however this is a ...

    Vikki Chadwick

  • Is Ultraviolet Ultra Safe?

    Is Ultraviolet Ultra Safe?

    With retailers under pressure to meet increasing health and safety standards, it’s no surprise that many of our food & products are coming into contact with Ultraviolet (UV) radiation which is gradually becoming common as a cost effective ...

    Vikki Chadwick