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  • Model NG 6 Heavy Series - Control Valves

    Model NG 6 Heavy Series - Control Valves

    These control valves basically correspond to the well-known industrial valves for disc construction with the mechanically-hydraulic adapter hole pattern according to DIN 24 340 – A6 and the common switching function as 4/2- or 4/3-way-switch with electric and hydraulic operating units. The expression 'heavy series' comes from the robust design of the whole valve which is especially designed for the use in rough and dirty environmental...

  • Diffusers


    Various aspects have to be taken into consideration when dealing with the dimensioning of containers of fluidity circuits. As a result there will be no failures or problems during later operation. An important factor is the rotate time of the medium. Problems concerning the air- and dirt precipitation will occur should the rotate time be too short or the size of the tank too small. This will result in frothing, dirt dispersion, stream flow murmur and...

  • Alphafluid - Fine Filters

    Alphafluid - Fine Filters

    Through the oil fine filters very small particles up to 0.5 µm² are filtered and water is adhered. By using the filter, the purity level according to ISO 4406: 12/5- NAS 1638: 3 is achieved. As a result the oil change intervals can be extended many times.

  • Alphafluid - Double-Beveled Filter Discs

    Alphafluid - Double-Beveled Filter Discs

    The disc filters made by ALPHAFLUID consist of several double-beveled filter discs with a close meshed wire gauze having a mesh size of 100 µm. They are particularly suitable for using them as an air strainer being the pump’s full flow protector against abrasive impurities inside the tank. One advantage of the disc filters is the fact that they can be cleaned and reused after dismantling.

  • AlphaFluid - Logic Amplifier Serves

    AlphaFluid - Logic Amplifier Serves

    The AlphaFluid logic amplifier serves to select proportional solenoids; in particular, to position and/or control the AlphAktor (AlphActuator) and other AphaFluid products as well as proportional hydraulic systems in general. The amplifier is based on microcontroller technology and can be universally used due to a wide variety of parametrization possibilities. A power amplifier serves for selection of the proportional solenoid and supplies the...

  • 3-Way-Switch Logic Valve

    3-Way-Switch Logic Valve

    The hydraulic 3-way-switch is a logic valve which works automatically. It solves with little energy the problems of long hydraulics pipe lines, works as a return flow relief or as a rapid traverse valve. In the usage of hydraulics the 3-way-switch is also called 3/2-way-switch, however without any external operating units. Shown is the simple construction including a few components. The automatical control can be clearly seen and the two switching...